Is bt sage to smoke?

I’ve recently found budworms…I freaked and sprayed my whole crop including flowers. Those Lil bitches. Did I screw myself? Is bt safe to smoke?

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I hope so, I’ve used BT up until 2 weeks before harvest. If I do use it I’ll do a bud wash after chopping

I think so too, especially if you do a final bud wash then dry.
BT is just a bacteria that kills certain bugs.

You had same problem last year.
Do you grow outside?

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Yes! This year I tried to use a netting. It was going so well…and then bam…they’re back…I think this will be my last outdoor venture. I’m going to switch to the space buckets and see how that fares. I live on the central coast of California and we’ve had some pretty humid conditions for about a month. This is the second grow of the season and I used the netting for the first with success. I think the humid conditions have lent to the problem. Thank you for the advices as always. Love you guys.