My insulated wood room is W-38", L-48", H-82" which gives me 52" of technical grow space. (I only know this because I listen to y’all)

Should I use a
Infinity Cloudline 6" Inline Exhaust Duct Fan
Temp-Humid Controller
Variable speed
1.67 amp
402 CFM
64 watts

Or could I get away with a:
Infinity Cloudline 4" Inline Exhaust Duct Fan
Temp-Humid Controller
Minimum speed
1.2 amp
205 CFM
28 watts

I’m pushing exhaust thru 25 feet of pipe angled upwards into my chimney, with one 45 or 90 degree bend.

And what light should I use?
This for two Gangster OG plants

morning GangsterOG…I would use the 6 inch for sure and you may need a 8 inch with that length of pipe to get the exhaust you want


I would prefer the 8in so it wouldn’t stress as hard with that long of exhaust pipe. Far as lighting goes you want 40 watts or better per square foot of growing space.

Be sure that you get a light built with Samsung LM301 diodes. HLG, Spider Farmer, and Mars Hydro are all good options. You get the latest technology with HLG, but the Spider and Mars lights are only 1 generation behind and can grow equally good weed.

200 watts per plant is a decent metric to go by. You can also go by @DoneDeal’s 40 watts per sq ft metric. I would shoot for 400 watts minimum for 2 plants.

Two plants will do fine in your space.


You’ll probably need an exhaust booster.

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So I been carefully thinking about your response and I looked up the same kind of fan except in 8".
I can see it is 802 CFM.
My next question now is:
If I am running a 8" for 25’ feet of piping angling upwards into my chimney, (chimney tops out at about 34 feet above ground level)
is there any need to run a air filter on that 8" inline duct fan since I’m pumping exhaust into chimney?.

That all depends on one question. Do you care if anybody smells it. I live in prohibition land so I run filters on mine. Heck if it was legal I wouldn’t want anybody to know anyway cuz bad people do bad things when they smell money

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No, don’t want anyone to smell it. That would be a bad thing. I kinda figured if it is going up and out the chimney 3 stories above ground, it would just kinda keep drifting upward and dissipate in the air.
So, is one filter gonna be enough?. It looks like they are couple hundred bucks each. Which leads to next question.
Just exactly how much smell do these filters remove.? Seems kinda hard to believe any filter removes 100 percent of any smell.
So how many weeks into a grow stage do these plants actually start emitting weed smell?.

One AC Infinity inline filter in each tent takes away the smell at my house no problem :grin:. I’ve had family over and none of them said a word and they don’t smoke. If you need someone’s help @ in front of there name like @GangsterOG so they know you asked a question or reply to there comment.

A 6" AC carbon filter is currently $70US on Amazon, and I run 2 inline (1 AC, 1 Vivo). One intake with a cloth pre filter on it inside the tent, and one w/o the pre a couple feet outside the tent as an additional exhaust filter. It’s a holdover from a more, state-wide illegal time, but I just go with it now. No smell at all as long as the exhaust stays on… until you open the door to work in it that is… When I tried just one filter first, I thought I could still catch hints of it when I walked into that level of the house, but like I say, it was a more paranoid time.

For sure at least 200w per plant. I started with 100w for two plants and quickly learned that was not enough.

Maybe I just got stinky weed, but ac infinity filter minimized odor for me, but did not entirely eliminate the smell.

I think I’d probably run the line with 8”fan through the chimney, check the outside ( from on the roof near the chimney and determine if it seems like it will dissipate.

I also would have my finger on the “purchase” button just in case.

100$ on a filter that is a mere buffer for an outdoor exhaust seems overkill, however, if it’s illegal and/or nosey neighbors, maybe you’ll need that extra “turn it up to 11” filter action.

I wouldn’t buy either a fan booster(if using an 8”fan) or the filter(test the area to see if it stinks up neighborhood) until I was reasonably sure it was really needed.

I’m kinda poor, so for me, buying booster fans and filters is more difficult, but every situation is different and for all I know you might live next door to the chief of police in a small town in Texas… in which case I’d say spend as much as you got on keeping it covert

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