Is anyone using Silica

No, at least it didn’t with the nutes I used at the time. If you find that it does change your pH more than you’re comfortable with, adjust accordingly

What if this is Epsom Salts? Still #2?

Yes, still #2

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I switch between them. Ty

I also used DE as a top dressing-in a no-till setup, when i used BAS Re-amend last season outdoors. This year I got the craft blend from BAS which should have some amounts of silica. If not, I still have some in a bag.

SL out.

I use Jack’s so i go in this order
2)Jacks A
3)Epson Salt
4)Jacks B
Then other stuff…


Why the split between A & B? I’m about to start using Jacks too.

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That’s how Jack’s recommends you mix it.
Here’s a link to their mixing video.
Hope it doesn’t violate forum rules if so take down.


The A abd the B dont play well if not in solution. A just need to be desolved before adding the B. It coagulates if not not added seporately. It’s one of those Science things!


Sorry for the late response. This is the way Jack’s recommends mixing it. Part A is most of your secondary nutrients boron, iron ect… you want that dissolved before you add Epsom salt which is your magnesium sulfate. This one takes a short time longer to dissolve and has a tendency to lock out other nutrients. Then part B is your Calcium Nitrates…
Also, the recipe I use I originally got from Hellraiser.
Hope that helps😊


@Sydious Thanks bro. I’m a coupla feedings in and luckily o I’ll effects, plants are looking happy.

Yes… it’s way more easy to use than other nutrient lines I’ve used in the past.
Also… I’ve started using that TPS Gold Si that you recommended and noticed it really knocks my PH way down. Was this the case for you as well?

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I don’t have a clear answer on that because each grow I’ve switched nute lines looking for a preference. I haven’t used a different silica since I bought this one. Previously grows I was unaware it was even a thing lol. Thank you ILGM for an overwhelming amount of info to sift through lol. I’ll monitor it.


Before this. I was using General Hydroponics Power Si. And rarely had to use PH up. Now i hardly touch my PH down🤷