Ipower? Anyone used this stuff?

I’ve been searching eBay for a cheap yet quality light system. They have 600w ipower sets. They come with the air cooled hood, dimmable ballast, hangers for the light, one MH bulb and one HPS bulb and a 24 hr timer for $150 or so… seems like a really good deal, but I’m wondering if anyone else has tried these? Curious how the quality is… don’t want to buy some cheap crap that will just burn out on me a quarter of the way through my grow. Any Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

@xDeeTeRx I have not But when I was looking around I seen the revues on amazon they did not come in so well.
So I did not get any,


Hello there again my friend. I use the ipower 400 HPS and the 1000 Watt HPS i have two of them. The only problem is heat. You’ll have to come up with a venting systen for the heat. I vent my heat up into the aditic.



i run ALL IPOWER…including 2x600w dimmable kits with the cheapest shade they sell and one 1x1000 watt and i have had NO ONE ISSUE, the ballasts have a 2yr warranty and the bulbs have 1 yr…so for the cash you will be FINE i have been for the 2 plus i owned the 600s

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Im using a 400watt mh/hps ipower it was cheap but works well, its adjustable and had a cool tube. So far for the $ im happy with it. And the 4" filter. Its quite and it the ballast doesnt throw a bunch of heat off.