Introducing…. Audrey III, day 22 from seeds

Hi, would like to introduce myself and show you my method of growing. Would value your input… My name is Rick, retired teacher, long time Med Mary user, now growing legally in AZ. I’m on my 3rd grow, first was a dud, second better, this one looking great IMO. I first start my plant, Northern Lights, from seed, in a Aero Garden, mostly for electricity, and reduce time in grow tent lamps, on for 24/7. Very light fertilizer to begin then scales up about 100 ppm per week. I’m now on around 500 ppm. I use bottled water, Arrowhead Spring, ph adjust to 6.5. I recently topped and will defoliate, pinch or annoy my plant in weeks to come, (call Audrey a tomato works, LST) including UV fluorescent lights. It seems to be really exploding in growth this last week. It’s now on Day 22 from seed, Northern Lights auto. I use the General Hydroponics nutrients, but staying on lighter side of ppm. I’m going to send my plant, into the tent right now, then it’ll go to a schedule of on for 19 on, 5 off in tent. I’ll send updated pic of tent with Audrey III next week. My plants normally stress a bit on transplant day.



Good luck with the grow!
What soil or soilless are you going with?
Looking good so far! :sunglasses:

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Thanks, hydroponic with coconut soil. A Mars tent, only big enough for one plant. Lights are 2 flourescent tubes, for UV, and main led. Gets a little warm honestly, need another fan… right now just a smaller portable one, needs more I’m sure.