Intergalactic butter strain

Hello, I bought some of the marijuana fertilizer from the i.l.g.m. store. About 8 weeks ago… I have been using it since the beginning of the second week from seedling :seedling:… In the online instructions, they mention using the booster during the late stage of vegetation, to induce flowering… the white hairs popped up the day before I used the booster. So she started flowering at 7weeks… my question is, now that she is flowering do I go on and use the flower time fertilizer ?

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Yes you do.

Thank you for your response

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Gave the short answer…lol. p/k a bigger need than N so boost ferts are heavy in them.

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Dont forget to raise your ph for stretch time only by about .2 then another .2 post stretch ( about 3 weeks)to optimize phosphorus absorption

Thanks for the info