Interesting development

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
Very little nutrients added yet, (just began 4th week of veg)
Water, started out high PH tapwater from a well, ended up using distilled water.
Lights, 2 300 Watt LED, 1 400 watt (set to 75%) HID.

18-6 light for 2 weeks, 3rd week 24 hour light, 4th week back to 18-6.

Flowering is planned to start on Monday, 11/10.

I’ve been fighting with PH from the very beginning. My tap water PH is 7.9 (higher occasionally)

By the time I realized it, all my plants were right about at 7.1 PH.

I added some Miracle Grow for acid loving plants. (used to be called miracid, I used it for years to keep my evergreens from turning brown.) 30-10-10

Now, I had to add a lot to get my PH to lower using my tap water. Now that I’m using distilled water, the only thing I’m adding for acid is Espoma sulfur. My PH is still a little high at 6.9ish on all the plants.

Now, my issue…

Some, not all of my plants have started having yellow/green leaf tips on the new growth. Here is a picture, taken just now showing the new growth.

Yep, that looks like nute burn, likely from all the high levels of nitrogen in the miracid. Flush with distilled water.

Thanks, done.

Purple Haze is in my brain…