Insect help and dark spots on leaves

Never seen these guys before but I have a feeling these are good bugs that eat bad bugs. ( I hope ) Does anyone have any info on these things? I see them on my ladies often. I tried looking them up but came up empty. Also one of my photos have dark purplish spots that appeared on some of the leaves. The plant looks super healthy other than the spots so I’m thinking these could be genetic but I have no clue. Any help would be appreciated…

“As spotted lanternfly nymphs start to hatch, I encourage all Marylanders to keep a lookout for this insect that has the potential to devastate many of our farmers’ crops,” he said.

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Well, solves that answer, unfortunately it wasn’t a good one.
Craziest looking bug I’ve ever seen in awhile.


This Sucks!! WTF…

Oh boy… now I guess the most important question is how to keep them off my plants?

I’m thinking about trying neem oil… I’ll see if that works then go from there. Does anyone else have any suggestions? I know a little about these things and everything I know about them is that they do nothing but cause damage everywhere they show up.

After more research I just found that 1 cup dawn dish soap and 1 cup water mixed together in a spray bottle will kill laternflies on contact.
I can’t imagine equal parts soap and water being okay for my plants. I know a lot of people use a soap solution to fight against bugs but I have no experience. If anyone out there can help me out I’d appreciate it.

Im growing companion plants to repel insects. Im trying to grow everything organic with no added chemicals except the necessary ones. Im growing Basil, Dill, Peppermint, Spearmint. In a way, I’m turning my grow tent into a mini jungle. I plan to get ladybugs as last resort if i do end up getting bugs along the way. Ladybugs eat other insects.