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Continuing the discussion from Show and Tell weekly pics:

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Seed Keeper 3000 - Keeps Quantity, Seed Name, and Humidity, and Temp Constant. If opened, will send alert. Probably is capable of more, and I’m always tweeking stuff. Too much fun. Cheap too.


This is my new “Seed Popper 3000”. I am sensing a trend. It keeps heat and humidity constant and soil moisture constant. It can live with your other plants even when in 12/12 as it’s self contained and holds 7 seedlings for first couple weeks. Then you remove the tray and pop 7 more in. Has an external high pressure sprayer, that sprays distilled water on the soil, when needed and automatically. Refill for whatever size bucket you want can be external to the room/tent. They are in Jiffy pots in the tray and the soil is a nice blend and rich with biodiversity.


“Light Rail 3000” - Super smooth and strong light manager


What’s next @growmeister?

Bud smoker 3000?

Breaks it up, packs the bowl, inhales, and gets high for you? JK

Love to see the innovation.

Is that seed thing a purchased item or DIY?


It’s a wink egg minder - via smart home apps and ifttt - with some customized wood eggs lol


Check this out! Use Yawcam (Yet Another WebCam) to stream from your favorite usb microscope live or document the growth of your buds. You can see them grow before your very eyes. Creepy. :slight_smile:

Oh shit! Is this $100+ machine for cloning using pool noodles??? F*cking hilarious. I’m gonna see how much it would REALLY cost to make one of these.

now this makes me wonder if my motion sensor night cam would work to monitor my plants. Think i will try it next time

Most night cams give off light just be careful about that in flower.


You can make an aerocloner like that for less then 50 dollars.

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Days pass slowly while waiting for the plants to grow and flower. The almost irresistible urge to do something for your plants during this period, when you should leave well alone can become a problem.

I’ve done serious damage to my grows through over-pruning, too strong nutrients mix, Ph feck-ups etc.

Distraction is the key to self-discipline and what better way than getting innovative?

I’m really glad @growmeister started this thread.

One distraction I tried was to improve the curing jars by using recycled coffee jars with push-on lids. I cover them with polymer clay in a variety of colours and patterns.

You can read my Greenroom thread HERE

Working on an off-grid air bubbler at the moment while resisting the urge to top my plants one more time :wink:

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Absolutely. Most things DIY for a fraction of the cost. Pay for the assembly and the prices skyrocket, even though it’s done in China.

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Aeroponic Cloner - Just came across this on another thread. Looks like a good design!

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Make sure the light doesn’t wake em! :slight_smile:

I linked my webcam to my weather station which has 8 soil moisture sensors, and a humidity/temp/barometer. I can look at any point in time, and compare data to the plant photo. By doing this, I can learn better what they look like when they are thirsty, or hot, or what-not :slight_smile:


Aeration is the amount of oxygenated water moving around in the tank.

So, if I have enough oxygen at the surface level of the nutrient and somehow stir the tank then a bubbler wouldn’t be needed?

I’m thinking of a wind-powered Kratky++ stealth auto grow in a self-contained growing environment.

When you’re high anything is possible.

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Plants love the air, will envelop the airstone. 2 is better than one and none will get you none.

My apologies.

I meant this post to be a follow on to my original post about “off-grid” innovations.

The roots like the oxygen part of air… probably tolerate the rest.

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I love this cause now i have a bunch of ideas to try and the camera is a night vision so no light is emitted or anything. But with a fan blowing on the plants the night vision would allow it to continually record everything.