Infusion using coconut oil question

Hello All, Hope you’re keeping well. I’m cooking up some vape using coconut oil & H2O. The vape still feels oily after the process. I’ve re-ran the “stuff” and still glean a lot of oil. Is there a better method, or should I keep on as I’m doing ? Seems to me that theres still goodies to be harvested so long as the “stuff” is oily. Thanks Happy Trails

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If I’m not mistaken you are absolutely NzoT supposed to vape coconut oil…at all in any ways shape or form.
I have looked in to making vape and coconut oil is a no no.
No matter what you mix it with.
I’m 99% sure. But double check just to make sure. Good luck

I’m not vaping coconut oil. I had a few oz of vape. 1st I H2O water cured it to get the stink out. 2nd I mix the vape with distilled H2O, low boil in large pot, add melted coconut oil, let simmer. 3rd press the “stuff” through a strainer, let liquid cool, refrigerate. The oil coagulates, hardens. I transfer to 4 fl oz bottles for making edibles. That’s my method, I’ve done it boucoup times, but have noticed the “stuff” has an oily feel, and you can sure taste product, which seems to me there’s more to glean. This time, I’m going to repeat the process using only H2O in hopes of extracting all that’s available.
My question boils down to this: As long as oil can be extracted, it ought to have product infused with it… correct? I was hoping someone who is familiar with this method may have found a shortcut. So far, I’ve repeated the process 3x on a small batch and still getting good comeback, and the “stuff” still has more oil. Really time consuming.

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I think this is a question for @blackthumbbetty

Vape? You mean AVB?