Infused chocolates

Hey guys ii made some infused chocolates today they turned out pretty well

I dont know how thc in each one


The fun part is finding out


I’ll come to your house for Trick or Treat

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I never know either. Usually use an oz or so per cup of oil. Chocolates are awesome! Did you temper the chocolate? If not be sure to keep em cold. They will melt in warm temp.

For a twist, next time add some peanut butter powder (pb fit or the like) sooooo yummy!


That’s why I use qwet now. I can accurately dose anything that way.


I dont know how to temper chocolate

Am I mistaken, or did you make chocolate dentures?

Lmao i see teeth on here :laughing: :rofl: :joy:

Yah chocolate dentures they were a Halloween ice cube tray

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I won’t lie, I would take my regular dentures out to wear weed chocolate dentures.


They wouldnt last long but u could always replace them with another pair of chocolate ones

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Super easy… chop the chocolate. Only heat up 2/3rds of it. When melted add the QWET and the other 1/3rd chocolate. You have to use chocolate that has 100% cocoa butter… no other oils.

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Fkn awesome!!!

Me too!!!

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