Infos needed for Coco/Perlite grow and mix

So if i reflect the picture of the calculation and what you said about 900ppm means i can go to 1.8 EC around (900ppm) und bump up to around 1100ppm in flower (2.2EC) right ? Thanks a lot

That will work just dandy for your plants.

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Plants above are small and not going to have the wet/dry cycles that they will once larger. As long as they’re looking alright you can probably get ph down once regularly able to completely soak a pot and have it dry next morning.


@DMTom there’s a section on the cocoforcannabis website about pH and one about runoff. Give those a read first. They cover a lot more info than anyone can convey in a single answer. @Myfriendis410 and @dbrn32 are right on with their guidance. Once your girls start eating and drinking right then the numbers should start to normalize. I didn’t even measure anything except what went in until mine were fully in veg.


Thanks to everyone for the help i gonna monitor the plants and hope it was just a transplant shock from soil to coco and hope they fully recover soon .

Here is a little update they are having new grow and looking much better now.
Just some pictures from today is there anything to worry about or are they looking alright ?

Was only able to upload 5 pics a time so here some more.

Stand back and watch 'em grow! They look fine.

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Okay i just was worried as the tips and edges looked a bit burned i thought maybe 750-850ppm was to strong for them .
Thank you and sorry for bothering and asking so much

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Happy to help anytime. You don’t need to apologize.

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Thank you guys !!
Watered / feed Dailey once with lights on . Upped the amount from 500ml to 1L with 25% run off.
Upped the PPM between 800-900.

Plants bounced back and got over the transplant from soil to coco/perlite.

Thanks again they are loving it and looking so much healthier and also growing so much faster now .
Excited to see the result of my first grow.

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Just keep your media damp and they’ll remain happy.

Now 18 days later thanks for your help :pray:

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@dbrn32 @OGIncognito @Myfriendis410 @Outlaw @beardless

Hey guys i made it so far and the pants were all really healthy and we’re growing nice and tall .

I flipped 10 days ago to flower and since 2 days ago i noticed that on some plants 2-3 leaves on the bottom start to turn black on the edges and getting really soft .
One plant got a lot of these leaves .
Could it be because i got 9 plants in my 4x4 in 3gallon pots and it might be to many plants because some are really tall and overgrowing other plants and because of not enough light the starting to look like this.
Here a few pics of the one plant which got a lot of these leaves.

The black edges at the bottom of the plants are normal, that’s just because those parts aren’t getting any light. You can go ahead and trim those off, they won’t recover.

I would look into lollipoping, you could trim off the bottom 1/3 of the plant to remove those leaves and bud sites there that won’t be getting any light, and are just taking resources from the plant which could be used to fatten your other buds up top. It will also increase some airflow down there which is very important in flower to avoid mold.


I also believe it’s pretty normal to see some leaves on bottom like this. You could at the very least peel some fan leaves out of there to keep some air moving around. Great job!