Indoor set up for new starts

I’m looking to make a green room in my basement.can anybody tell me what I need to know about temp. Humidity and a good light schedule and type of lights …any help would be appreciated


You want to keep temps between 70 and 85f during seedling and veg (I keep mine at 75/76f)
For flowering you want temps a little colder 65/80f

And remember to lower the temps during the night cycle

For the seedling stage you want to have high humidity 70%

For veg 50%/70%
For flowering 40%/50%

About lights I got a bunch of seedling with a 20/4 schedule you can give them as much as 24/0 during veg for both autos and photos(you will have to switch to flower photos 12/12)

For autos you don’t want to go lower than 18/6 schedule

about lights you can’t go wrong if you buy a quality light with 301b diodes from like hlg, mars hydro
There are others I just don’t remember them my bad hahaha

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solid advice above. I got the same advice about the led diodes when i was light shopping. From there its really just a matter of how many plants/space you want to cover. I just have a small spider farmer SF2000. I only ever grow 1 photo or 2 autos at a time. Ive been very happy with the results. plan to also buy a filter system as the smell will overtake your home otherwise. when I first started i planned to just do an open grow in a spare room. i quickly realized how hard it was to control conditions and odor. now I have a grow tent. best of luck and i hope ypu enjoy indoor growing!


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Oh I forgot to add a carbon active filter and oust spray are your best friend to make sure absolutely zero odor gets out of the grow room


If you will be growing photo period plants, they’ll need 12 hours of uninterrupted, pitch black dark for flowering. That will mean you’d need a separate room/chamber for longer daylight hours for germinating and vegging. Auto-flowering plants on the other hand, do not require a lighting schedule at all, and most growers prefer an 18/6, but 12/12 will work (if grown in room with photos), as well as 24/0. There’s also some experimental light cycles if you’re feeling especially adventurous.

If you have central air in your house, it should be fairly easy to regulate the grow climate of a “reasonable” sized room (maybe not a commercial grow op :laughing:). The biggest battles are usually heat removal during lights on, and humidity removal during lights out, but on-site variables can affect that greatly. The rest of the basement will be the “lung room” for the grow chamber/s. Research that term to better understand the HVAC needs of a grow room. Depending on your planned grow size, and your on-site conditions, you may need none, or all 4 HVAC appliances (AC, Heater, Humidifier, De-humidifier). These may be placed inside the grow area, or out in the lung room, and again it will be dependent on your individual conditions. There are additional controls that can be added for more precise, automated climate control. At the very least, each chamber will require ventilation by way of an inline exhaust fan (into the lung room), typically with a carbon filter for odor control. Circulation fans inside the chamber are helpful as well, and pretty much a necessity when in flower.

As mentioned, Samsung 301 diodes are the best bet these days, B or H series, either are fine. You’ll want somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 - 40 watts of lighting per sq foot for flowering, but can get by with a fair amount less for vegging.

Take the time to look through the “Show your grow” section at peoples grow journals. You’ll see lots of variety, and somebody has probably already done what you’re looking to do. Tag them like this @OhighO17 in any thread and they’ll get notified. That also applies to the grow itself, whether it’s soil or some form of hydroponics (coco, ebb/flow, DWC, etc).

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