Indoor led,help

I’m planning on getting 2-5 520w led.
& wondering how many ounces could I get from a plant in a 20 or 30 gallon fabric pot.?
I am planning on growing indoors.

You have to figure out true wattage from lights per square feet , it’s a gram per watt per square feet hope this helps .

Well it isn’t so much the size of the pot that matters it’s the optimum footprint of the light they are leds and will only cover so big an area with proper light and honestly a 5-7 Gal pot extended veg and some training LST SCROG. If everything goes right you may get a 5x5 canopy or 4x4 depending on actual watts and light footprint strain genes complications your experience level. I wouldn’t count on gram per watt. That’s pro level exaggerated flawless grow math if you are lucky and true watts are 1000 16 oz give take once again strain skill and complication dependant. The fact you are asking this question tells me you are not an expert no offence just don’t want to set you up for unrealistic expectations