Indoor / In soil ILGM- G.S.C. Xtrem and J.H

So I would like to say this is my first grow and so far (only day 10 atm) things have already had ups and downs. Thanks to hours and hours of research on these forums as well as others well before I started this project the few problems I’ve had I have been able to overcome them! Thanks for all the support and knowledge you guys and gals are sharing its an extreme advantage for first growers if they take the time and effort to research before they start.

So as I said above I am on day 10 so in this first post I’m going to log my first ten days. There won’t be any pic sadly until I get a camera don’t know when that will be as I’m buying equipment as I go.

The set up thus far:
10x10x8 room I built out of pvc pipe, panda film, and a lot of tape! The room is divided into two 5x5 rooms and one 5x10 room.

Sunblaster t5 HO 4ft single bulb 6500k

Organic seeding soil in small 4in pots

Not there yet but will be using Nectar For the Gods nutrients. FYI Organs Only offers a free (not free) sample kit that comes with 6 quart size bottles that makes up their Advance feeding schedule and a small bottle of ph UP and Khaos Bloom. They only ask for the shipping costs. So for me all the way across the country it was still only $28 so hell yeah.

Day 1 (Aug. 3): Seeds arrived! Put 4 Jack Herer and 4 Girl Scout Cookie Xtrem seeds in cups of water

Day 2 (Aug 4.): After 24 hours J.H.#'s 1 and 2 and G.S.C.Xtrem # 1 had cracked. Placed all 8 seeds in separate pots about 1/4in deep. Temp 72*F bag over pots for humidity.

Day 3 (Aug 5): No sprouts yet, sprayed with water lightly. Temp 72*F
Light came broken in shipping wont receive replacement till Monday :frowning:

Day 4 ( Aug 6): J.H.#'s 1 and 2 / G.S.C.Xtrem # 2 have sprouted out. Sprayed with water lightly. Set up a temporary light until replacement comes. Temp 74*F bags still over for humidity.

Day 5 (Aug 7): J.H.# 4 and G.S.C.Xtrem # 3 have sprouted out. Temp raised to 82*F put fan in room. Sprayed with water lightly and bags over for humidity.

Day 6 (Aug 8): G.S.C.Xtrem # 4 sprouted above soil.
J.H.# 1 and 2 / G.S.C.Xtrem # 2 seem to have bad stretch with light coming tomorrow and out of worry from the stretch I started 18/6 light cycle. (too early?) Temp 77*F working on lowering it.

Day 7 (Aug 9): J.H.#'s 1, 2, and 4 - have all started to grow first leafs
G.S.C.Xtrem #'s 2, 3, and 4 - have all started to grow first leafs
J.H.# 3 and G.S.C.Xtrem # 1 have not sprouted yet.

Day 8 (Aug 10): Noticed red light coming from power strip had to tape it over. Removed bags. Temp 75*F Humidity 45% working on getting this up.

Day 9 (Aug 11): Today will be the first real watering. Had let tap water set out 24+ hours.
PH: 5.8 PPM: 137 Runoff PH: 6.2
J.H.# 3 and G.S.C.Xtrem # 1 did not germinate discarded.
J.H.#'s 1 and 2 / G.S.C.Xtrem #'s 2 and 3 are starting to grow second set of leafs.
Started to train stems that had bad stretch mix of fan and light bending.
Can clearly see the difference in sativa leafs and indica leafs already.
Temp 75*F Humidity 50% getting there.

Day 10 (Aug 12): Continued training stems on plants that had bad stretch. Put wet paper towls around area for humidity.
J.H.# 1 - 3 1/4in tall / G.S.C.Xtrem # 2 - 3 1/4in tall
J.H.# 2 - 3in tall / G.S.C.Xtrem # 3 - 3in tall
J.H.# 4 - 2 1/4in tall / G.S.C.Xtrem # 4 - 1 3/4in tall
No watering needed today.


Some pics of the room being built

This little girl was eaten by my dog, it was my second biggest plant at the time :frowning: We had just transplanted it into the 5 gallon smart pot it was sitting in the bath tub and came downstairs for a few mins not thinking and when I came back it was striped to the stem with 1/2 a small leaf up top and laying flat on the dirt! This girl didn’t miss a beat on growth no shock just continued to grow!

This is the same plant that was eaten and is still the second biggest plant. Insane!

Some early veg

Some mid to late veg

Just a little update its been a long time life is crazy atm i’ll post more in time! Let me know what you all think


So scrogg is going well and I can already see the benefit from doing it. I have several tops shooting up BUT since this is my first grow I see I have too many plants under the scrogg and they wont have much room to be pinned under. If I had used 3 gal pots instead of 5 gal it probably would have worked but next grow I’m going with 4 plants in 5 gal instead of 6 plants. Will be going into flower in 2 weeks! Cant wait!

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It will still work out great , plus you will have to trim underneath the scrog screen so some shoots might be sacrificed so there can pack and stack up big buds ?

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And you could clone the trimmings!


Yeah taking clones tonight! Running behind on going into flower will be this week though. Will post a few pics tonight to show how the scrogg is coming along. Thanks for the reply guys!

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Looks great. I did the same thing on my first Scrog. Started with six. One switched teams so I ended up with five. It is crowded but once they stretch they spread out a bit with not as many huge fan leaves in the upper part so you will have more “spire” buds with more plants and more uniform “golf all” buds with fewer plants spread out more. I like the spire buds personally.

More plants means shorter veg time to fill the same area.

So I am a pro slacker… Here are some pics, we are in flower day 5

Open Seseme time and get them going , man that’s gone be an awesome scrog , look at the coverage of all them budding flowers …WoW ?

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yeah bracing for stretch atm I am a little concerned I may run out of room as the light can only be raised so high. But all in all I think it is going great for a first time grow cant wait to see what happens!


We are at the end of the first week (Sunday was then end of the first 7 days) and the stretch is now on!

Here is some eye candy for you all! Everyday I walk in the flower room I cant help but to smile ear to ear.

A view to show how high above the scrogg net we currently are

Under the scrogg.
Will it stress them out too much if I trim a way what I missed?

The Glory! Got temps down from the last pics Temps are running 62F at night and 70-74F when light is on at 40% humidity


End of week 2!
All looks good and buds are forming!


Looks awesome .

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Holy shit guys end of week 3! I may have gotten a bit greedy on the last feeding But the stretch is def over and the buds are starting to explode!

And the overview …


End of week 4! The buds are looking beautiful getting frosty and making me drool :slight_smile:

Having fun growing and next month they will be ready for the BOM contest can’t wait!


We are at Week 6 day 1 guys and gals!

Here are the girls around the end of week 5 looking b-e-auuutiful followed by a 3 week snap shot to show the ends of weeks 3, 4, and 5 which I apologize in advance it IS under HPS light which I know we all love so much…


Great googalymoogaly that looks awsome

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So I harvested one of the plants early due to a f’ up that I let go too far and my buds were suffering and with the holidays I just said screw it and harvested Xmas eve waiting for Santa.

G.S.C. Xtrem taken after 6 weeks it was way early but I LOVE the feel good high it gives. A real good pick me uplifting buzz from the small bud I quick dried before harvesting.


It will get better as it cure , in 4 weeks when you burn it it will be even better that’s what the slow cure does .

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