Indoor grow room and using surge protector

I have looked and haven’t found anything on this, and maybe I looked right past it too,lol.
I was wondering if anyone uses a surge protector or not? Just plugs into the wall outlet.
If surge protectors are a good item to use then what is a good one to use? I have a 4’X4’X7’ tent with 1000w hps/mh setup. I do plan to goto a 600w hps/mh for such a small setup tho.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

This is the bigger worry


There are surge protectors, and there are just power strips. Make sure when you buy one, it actually protects against surges.


@PurpNGold74 holy cow I didn’t even think of that.
Will I need to run one of the cords on an extension crod to another room or what can I do to fix that? I live in a doubble wide and am wondering if that’ll be an issue for me.

Not an electrician at all. But yes. If it trips a wall. Just run extension from a different area is a poor man’s fix. @Aolelon any other tips for this?

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In a double wide I think you would still have to have a regular electrical setup. What all are you going to be running on one circuit? You may want to split the circuit a little bit. You can definitely run an extension cord to another outlet… Although for sake of safety, It would be better to get something hardwired in there.

I split my grow room between 2 separate outlets and I haven’t had a problem yet. My lights and vent one one, and my fans and misc things on the other, but I do use surge protectors on them.

You don’t want to run more than 80% current on one breaker. So If you can find how many amps your room has, and kind of do a rough estimate of the appliances you will have on it. Then you can split it up accordingly.


Be sure to use the correct gauge extension cord for your draw.


A surge protector would be good to provide more outlets than the duplex outlet has in your house and if you have a lightning storm come in. Usually it is 15 amps which is about 1800 WATTS. It will not take much to over load that circuit if it is not a dedicated circuit. Always check your electric panel for any heat coming from it and feel your breakers and make sure they are not getting hot. I ran a 20 amp dedicated circuit ( #12 AWG), hooked up an intake fan, exhaust fan, oscillating fan, 2 - 1000 watt LED lights, humidifier, and blew the over current protection on the surge protector, because it was only 15 amp rated. So you have to think this all out and maybe get two circuits involved , lights on one and fans on the other. Just make double sure every thing is safe and on the correct size circuit breaker, all the breaker does is protect the wire, power don’t originate from the breaker.


You could run a dedicated 240 to that room, sub panel, breakers, etc. for all the equipment.


@Aolelon yea as I was reading my post I saw it’s kinda dumb,lol.
Anyway I’ll most likely use the three outlets in the room. Thansk for the advice.

@zparkie2 yes I was thinking the same thing of running my lights off of one outlet and the fan on another. I just have to check and see if they are both on the same breaker.

Surge protection is only to protect against lightning strikes. That’s all it does. Under normal circumstances, it does nothing at all.
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