Indoor Grow Op

Has anyone use Hans 140 Watt LED panels? If I had 10-15 Panels, how many plants would that support efficiently? How much space would I need to set aside for all of those? Also, For an LED grow, would there be any method to synch the light/water timers to an iPad?

Never used those type LED’s before. I’m using a 1000 LED watts to cover 16 Square Feet. Number of plants depends on how many per square foot. Remember, the smaller the pot, the smaller the plant is a kind of rule of thumb.

Now, as far as synching timers to an iPad, it is possible with the right App, but the cost ends up being way more than a handful of inexpensive timers you can get on Amazon, and then you’ve got an iPad that’s being used just for the timers, nothing else. (12 bucks each or so on Amazon. And if you’re set up right, you can actually hook up one timer to do all the lights at once.)

I don’t see how folks can use lower wattage lights of any type other than as big as you can get, like 600w equivalent or 400 watt equivalents. I mean, these smaller led lights, or any small light, I can see if someone is wanting to grow two foot tall plants or less only, like in a cupboard or very small closet, but as a beginner, and one who has done some research on this matter, if I thought I could have gotten away with ordering lower bulb number t5’s(8 count), and I ordered a 600 watt hps, I suppose I could have gone with a 400 watt hps, but really, those 250 watt bulbs even on that style, I imagine plants like two feet tall or shorter, with really short grow times, or I am not understanding something here.

I actually wanted to go straight to led lighting, money aint no problem of course, I just couldn’t figure out this whole “learning curve” thing folks keep on talking about, I mean, leds seem the smart choice, lower heat, less electricity bill, last longer. But even on LED’s, someone said in another post that you want the led light to use a high wattage of actual electricity, like a 600 watt led would use about 300 watts, or such, so I did notice some strange things, that I looked at 700 watt mars led lights and they only peak at under 400 watts usage, so maybe not as good as even a 400 watt mh or hps single light. This whole thing makes my brain heat up, to a point, I already spent the dough for my approved mmc conditions, like an 8 light t5 fixture(a little over 400 watts useage) for vegging, and a hps 600 watt hps for flowering, and a single t5 seedling starter fixture.