Indoor Grow-Flowering in Veg mode?

Hey fam, quick question…can you keep plants in Vegetation mode for as long as one desires; until the height/girth are satisfactory for the grower?

I’m starting to see heavy pistols/starting to flower on

a Sativa plant that’s still in Veg mode, is this normal?

Can plants start to flower on their own, while having a 16/8 lifetime cycle?

Thanks a mill-

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Photos yes you can veg how ever long you like.

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Thx Stone, I was beginning to overthink that I’m going crazy :face_with_monocle::confounded::sunglasses:

Your plant needs magnesium and ease up on the nitrogen. Any plant that is sexually mature will start showing pistils. With that said, your plant appears to be in Flower mode now.

How old is the plant? Do you have it sitting next to a window?


2GT-Thanks for the feedback, my first indoor grow; I planted my first batch on Super Bowl. They were stressed due to me not replanting them in time, so the one that I presented in the pics is about 5
Mos old. It’s small, I know.

I started providing them a different food source for the first time last week. I’m going to alternate the new diet 24-8-16, and the organic blood meal. This week is the blood meal, the following week will be 24-8-16. I will begin to ween them off of the complete nitrogen and start prepping to flower in Sept.


No it is not next to a window. It’s under a LED grow light at 80% max Lightning


Why did you say “ease up on the Nitro”? What am I doing wrong, how could you tell that they have been in a strict Nitro diet, and lastly; does it do any harm?

Thanks 2GT-