Indoor grow - first time with an ideal setup

HI Guys,

This is Rah. I am a huge fan of all whats happening on ILGM and the support. This encouraged me to take the leap of faith and begin my own grow garden.

For the moment i am using the follwing set up :

4 x 4 Grow tent
4 inch x 220 CFM inline with carbon filter
6 inch x 350 CFM exhaust with carbon filter
2000 W quantam board - LED
Organic potting Soil @ 7 PH
air filter

I began germinating 2 Nothern Lights Auto Flowers (Sensi) on the 25th of June, in water and then subsequently into wet towel and then into the soil mix on the 30th of June. Both beans popped and showed signs of life.

28th June : I shifted 1 bean ( with the longer tap root) into the pot and have given them 33W CFL lights at a 18/6 light cycle.

Today is the 1st of July and I am still waiting to see the plant pop out of the soil.

Shall i be worried? its been 3 days and they haven’t pooped out of the soil yet.


Should be OK provided planted tail down and depth makes a difference.

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Thank you for the reply.

They were pointed down wards into soil an inch deep. I covered it lightly with soil and watered with a gentle sprayer.

Guess im panicking so ill give it a couple of more days unless you feel i should do something to help them out.

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You only need to go no more than a 1/2”. :+1:


Will bear in mind. Thank you … Potting some Jack Herrers and more NL’s tomoroow.

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It’s day 5 and the girls havent shown up . Pretty depressing. Moved the top soil just a tad bit but nothing yet.

Not sure if I should wait any longer ?

Pls help


I give them at least 7 days. After 10-14 I give up. Planting them deeper doesn’t help.

? I’m assuming it doesn’t actually pull 2000 watts. That’d be far too much for a 4’x4’. What light?

That’s a little high for cannabis. (High…cannabis…:grin:).
Which soil?

I have replanted at 1/2 and inch . Keeping it on a 12 12 cfl cycle. Will wait for them to sprout…

Light is a samsung quantam board. It’s rated 2000 watts but I’m not sure of its exact draw.

:upside_down_face::upside_down_face:It’s an organic potting mix with cowdung, vermiculite and perlite. Feeding it low pH water in anticipation of mellowing the high PH.

Sounds like the King Plus 2000w which has an actual power draw of 222.9 watts, you’re going to want more light at some point.

Yep. I’ll look for more lights in the coming weeks.

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Today were first signs of life. The northern lights saw the light. Keeping them under 33 w cfl on 18 6 light schedule.

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Here she comes. …

This has worked like a charm Mr Peat… thank you. 2 more babies popped out of the soil today.

Also, do you think this is stretching ?

She is under 30w led . Around 4 inches from canopy. Your help will be appreciated.

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@Rahsah Ya welcome…:+1: