Indica XXL seeds from seedsman

I planted my seeds a week ago and theyve sprouted nicely, I’ve just realised they will only be getting 6/7 hours of sunlight because of where I’ve planted them.
Will this cause a issue they are fem.
Thanks for your help

They won’t start flowering until they’re mature enough to do so.
However I would extend the lighting so they don’t start flowering before you’re ready.

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Okay thanks,
I will let them grow a little more and I will move them to where they will get more sunlight during the day

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20200618_165528 20200618_165521 20200618_165546

Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with these please

Besides being over watered, nothing.

Yeah had a feeling they were over watered we have had shit loads of rain the past 24 hours had to bring them in thanks for the reply

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Can anyone tell me from these photos if they are ladies or males

@Covertgrower can you help

Photo number 1 male

2 is male.

Cheers mate thats a piss take considering they were feminised from seedsman last time I buy seeds from them can you use anything from the male plant for example oil or anything

Seedsman has a pretty good reputation. I would run a couple more, if possible and see what happens. If you get more males, try contacting Seedsman and letting them know what happened. They might send you replacement seeds.