Inconsistent growth between plants

I have question about the growth inconsistency of my four Blueberry Fem. Three of them are growing like gangbusters thanks to some great advice from Latewood. One is barely growing at all. All four are in the exact same environment yet number four just seems to have stunted. Is this common with this variety or have I done something I need to correct? Thanks Rick

One of the most common misconceptions new growers make is to shoulder the burden of a failed seed. 3 out of 4, pretty good odds, brother! :slight_smile:

Judge what you are doing by the successful plants in your grow room. Some will not produce like the others. If you have room; Nurture it and maybe it will be special.

Don’t forget, little differences in the soil in the individual pots can make two plants of the same strain grow very differently, especially from seed. Maybe the stunted one was a little too wet and had a little more difficult time developing its root system.

I had this happen with two OG Kush I cracked a few months ago. Temps were excessively high in the nursery due to a heat wave and my a/c going out at the same time. I lost all my autoflower seedlings, they are more sensitive to higher soil temps. They all damped off. The OG Kush looked like it wasn’t sure if it was going to continue to grow or not for a long time, like maybe it might end up damping off, but I also had cracked a purple haze and a silver haze, and probably because these have a lot of equatorial sativa genetics in them – they didn’t seem to have any problems with the heat at their feet. A couple of weeks later I finally got temps under 80*F and had added a good compost mix to my potting mix to help counter the bad microbes/bacteria/fungus growing in the higher temps with a fresh inoculation of all the good ones in the compost and planted another OG Kush just to be sure I had one ready for the flower room in a few months (I like to veg my regular photo period plants in healthy but bare minimum environment, minimum nutrients and minimum light for minimal and very slow growth, so I can keep a few small plants in a dwarfed perpetual veg state until I make room for one in the flowering room, this technique does not work for autoflowers and I do not do this with my autoflowers, they get a their very own tent/room with 24 hour intense light and adequate nutrients for robust growth). This second OG Kush took off and grew big and fast even in the minimal conditions, like a foot tall in a couple of weeks, while the other stayed at only a couple inches tall. Anyway, the point is it took all that time and now the stunted OG Kush has nearly caught up to the robust size of the 2nd OG Kush and they are all doing well in the veg room and are both about the same height now.

do you the quantum boards are good for seedlings

Hey, @irma1010, have you thought about starting a thread for yourself to keep all your grow questions & answers together? It’d be easier for us to help you, too. :grinning: