In a predicament, requesting advise

So I’ve been out of town for the past week. I’m home for a day and a half and have to leave again for another week.

When I arrived home right now I found my plants jumped into flower mode and grew about 6”. Which I wasn’t quite expecting so soon, maybe next week.

There seems to be deficiencies too. Look like Potassium or Manganese to me.

What’s the thoughts on how to proceed? I’m on a tight timeline to get things setup for my absence again for another week.

Plants are GDP Autos in FFOF ~7gal, under a 300W rated light. Temps avg 60-72° lately and humidity ~50%.


They look extremely hungry and thirsty. Id just water them until runoff today and follow up with a feeding before you head out of town again.

It might be wise to invest in an autopot or something along those lines to feed your plants while youre away if youre gone frequently.

Ive had air pumps go out on me while away and came back to similar issues.


Any suggestions on the feedings? Im trying to stick to organics at all possible.

Ran out of bone meal on the veggie garden so heading to grab some more tomorrow and maybe some of Down To Earth’s All Purpose or Rose & Flower ferts.

After this next week I shouldn’t be out of town any longer for a good while. I do have someone that can water, but that’s all they’d know of what and how to do. I was looking at Autopots but decided against them as I like to be hands on as much as possible to notice any changes I need to.

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@RandomW201 Thats a question better directed at someone else im sorry. I grow primarily in hydro and dont know the conditions of your current grow well enough to be doing anything other than guessing.


Disregard those bottom leaves touching soil. They always look like problems when they get into the soil, pluck them off and toss them.

If you’re looking for something semi quick and organic, try roots organics terp teas. They aren’t exactly one stop magic, but they do pretty good at having baseline stuff covered. If you mix with their trinity works pretty good.


Build a soil has some decent organic products. I have used their build a flower blend with success.

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I’ll have to check out those ferts, unfortunately not enough time to get them right now. But perhaps for next time. I’m going to look them up though and see what they’re formulated with and see if I can get something today that’s similar. I do have some Plantex CSM+B on hand from my aquarium days. I just haven’t a clue how much to give. When I did aquariums I used a method where you over dose and do water changes. Can’t exactly do that here.

And yeah, I already shipped a few leaves off the bottom.

I’m going to fertilize, water til run off and do some light LST today. Hopefully they’ll be good until next weekend with a watering or two… or three in between; until I get back.

I’ve heard many good things about their products. Like I mentioned in the other reply above I don’t have time to get any today, but I’ll see what theyre mixes look like and try and find something today that’s similar.
I may have to get some of Build A Soil’s stuff for next time. Heck, I watch almost all their vids :joy:

Well, couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for but was able to grab these two.

If anyone has any advice, I’d love to hear it. I was also able to grab some manganese sulfate as well. I’m also going to mix up a batch of worm castings and molasses into some water for a full soak this evening. I don’t have the time to do a proper full tea brew, so this should be better than nothing until I return. I hope…


You got a TDS meter? Most use liquid nutes.

Unfortunately not