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Looks very interesting, I’m sure everyone will be interested to see it all.

Thanks for sharing.



Exactly 1 week since i started the auto feed system and mary&jane seem to be growing well they are both 5 week since seeds dropped both were seeded and green by end of week 1… :grinning:

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Also i have been using GREENDREAM1 and i only feed them with bottled water (not sure that makes any difference but i feel better giving them bought spring water rather than tap water)

Bottled spring water is not necessarily the best for cannabis, it could very well be too alkali and be adding a lot of mineral nutrients to your solution that might already be accounted for in abundance in your nutrient mix.

You need to make sure you monitor your pH and nutrient concentration values and make sure they don’t get outside ideal range.

I have no idea what is GREENDREAM1, is that the name of your strain, or maybe the name of your nutrient line?


@MacGyverStoner, Green Dream is a Nutrient Solution by Flair Form.

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Thanks, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I can’t learn every different nutrient line out there, but most of it is all the same, mostly, anyway.

PPM and pH monitoring are still of utmost importance.



@MacGyverStoner, I can relate. for sure. :slight_smile: The only reason I know a good deal of the various nutes atm is due to being my first time, so I looked into a cubic crap ton of various brands before deciding on which one to select.

It’s amazing how many are out there, and that is even before you read folk’s individual recipes for siol that they cook up on their own.

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Thanks i took that advice on board and got a ph tester and have stopped using the bottled water…i am having a problem tho… I have two going mary and jane… Jane was planted a few days after mary and had problems with the shell not falling away and restricted her growth but luckily i caught it early and both are growing great but my problem is Mary she doesn’t seem to be gaining height thus her leaves are struggling to get any light as she is just filling out… Jane seems to be passed mary she is bigger and all her leaves have room to receive light etc…

Mary on the right and jane whom i had the problem with on the left

What is the white stuff on the leaves on plant at left? Does it rub off? They do look good to me. I did not notice it till just now both plants have it.

Thats just the light reflection buddy i had sprayed em before the pic lol…the one on left was planted after the one on right yet its the one on right thats not gaining height… Its bushing out exact same but not growing so theres loadsa room for light between all the stems on left but on the right its just not getting taller??

Also can i just keep growing in a veg state aslong as i want to or need to or will they start to flower at somepoint even on a 20 on 4 off cycle??

I have no clue why your plants are not the same, I had one that was slower than the others also. I’m glad that was not powdery mildew on leaves.
If they are auto seeds they will flower even in 20- 4 light. If not then you need to change the lighting.

I shall just need to hope she catches up… I was thinking maybe its because the one on left being planted later she would then have received nutrients at a slightly earlier stage as started using first feed after week or so,… They are not autos they are amnesia haze feminised seeds…great thanks means i can keep veging them till the slow coach catches up…when entering the 12/12 phase do you give them 36 hours of uninterrupted darknesss first??

No I don’t. I will lower the hours on a little at a time. Till I get 12/12. I have read that some do go dark right before they Start harvest, 48 or 72 dark.

Was looking for some advice…i am in third week of flowering and my girls are growing well my problem is the lower buds arent gettin much light as they are soo bushy… Do i remove fan leaves to give buds more light or leave as is??

I found this in the guide section. A little over a week after that, the marijuana plant will stabilize its growth patterns. You can prune away all the buds that are in shadows since they won’t be developing the compact flowers you’re looking for.

At this point, you want to maximize the light and nutrients that will be focused towards developing those precious buds. When you’re pruning, try not to cut off any of the leaves.

It can be tempting to cut off some of the large leaves which shadow the flowers. DON’T DO IT. Your plant needs those big strong leaves to absorb light and keep the flowers developing. Only cut off leaves if they are dead or otherwise compromised.
Hope this helps some. This site is great for learning, every question about growing is here just read some also read the grow bible.

These are my girls now using tne auto feed system i bought seems to be doing well tho this is my furat grow…amnesia haze… Week five /six of flower