Immobile Nutrients or something else?

Am I suffering from immobile nutrients? I’m currently using distilled water with fox farms ocean mist and recently added calmag. 2.5ml per gallon. I noticed that the bottom leaves are crunchy on the tips, the middle is nice and green and the center of the tops are yellowing. I’m wondering if the plant is not getting enough nutrients even with the calmag? I used the George Cervantes mariuana growing chart and its my first time growing, so hopefully someone with more experience can chime in or confirm my problem.

Whats up with this guy?

The plants look fine. Those lower starter leaves will die off on their own, naturally.


how about this one, she looks like she might be deformed?

Just wrinkled from unpacking out of the seed husk. It will straighten out. Before you ask about the ‘yellowing’ that’s lime green new growth and perfectly normal.


lol thank you good sir!