I'm wondering if the plants can de cloned

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

hello there; I bought white widow fem from you and I’m wondering if the plants can de cloned. thanks for your time


That shouldn’t be a problem. Join the forum and you’ll open up a ton of knowledge for you to tap into.


Like @Sasquatch said, if you join the Forum there’s a lot of people that can help you who are very good at cloning.
But to answer your question yes you for sure can try and clone your white widow. I usually clone at least one of every plant I like. That way I feel like I’ve at least giving it or myself two opportunities with that strain learning to grow and have a decent harvest.
Do a search for Robert bergman’s guide on cloning. I’ve had good success using his guide when I first started. It’s a very good jumping-off point. Enjoy your growing