Im Tapping in finally for help

Yea like Lindsey Vonn lol… Looking really good bro! How do you get to the back to trim and care for all that?

I had to look up who Lindsey Vonn is and now I get the joke lol.

The gorilla grow tents open up all the way around you just have to unzip it from the top and the bottom, they are really nice and durable.

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I’ve got 3 clip fans hanging in the corners of my tent, an oscillating fan blowing through the bottom of the tent from the outside then during the day I turn on a big oscillating fan for the tops of the plants. I was not planning on growing this many in this 4 x 4 but I thought I was going to have some plants die in the beginning lol which is how confident I was. But we saved all of them and I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of any so I’m just riding it out lol.

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Don’t start fooling with cats bro :rofl: :rofl:

You’re gonna be psyched.

I need a cat actually, to catch some mice lol :grin:

Week 7. Seen a couple seeds hopefully my harvest isnt too bad.

Turned around to my puppy stealing a leaf