I'm just a Raggedy man

Smooooooke on the waaaater…
I don’t know why, It’s not like I planned on any Deep Purple in my plants (deep dig):rofl:
But I will sing JODYS or something random while gardening.

Went out to check this morning…

Cocoa Kush, Southpaw kush, and Cereal milk are pushing along. Even from those 4-I just need one male out of the CK or SK.

I’ve considered grabbing a clone from a dispensary near-by, but it has to fall in-line with what flavors I am chasing. Chocolate, Vanilla, etc. For the evil scientist breeding experiment.

“comb the desert” (spaceballs reference :rofl::face_with_hand_over_mouth:) but I know I still have time.

"We ain’t found sh!t !":rofl::rofl::rofl:

SL out.



The dang vermin that ate one of my CK :frowning::frowning:
Already thinking of what to soak tonight to offset the loss…

Keep on truckin’!:+1:
SL out.


@Slug_Life good luck!!! I had a mole knock over a lemon jack seedling as it was burrowing away under it :man_shrugging:t2: mine was big enough to just start growing the other way but in any event sh!t happens


Exactly. Hence the name, "THUNDERDOME. " :rofl:
Next! :facepunch:

SL out.


@ADK_Guerrila Happy Canna-versary!:clap::pray::+1::facepunch::heart::100::bangbang:

SL out.


In true THUNDERDOME fashion, Master Blaster showed up!

That’s Cocoa Kush all weird looking. Looks like little leaf riding on back of the stronger leaf. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I have run those genetics before-a lot of DJs offerings have the crinkle/variegated leaf structure. In this day and age with lack of integrity (not TEGRIDY south park fans :rofl: ),its good to know I am actually growing what I paid for.:+1: (last year’s GJC I ran had the leaf structure also. And that was only half of the parents)

SL out.


“Life is what happens while you are making plans…”

The vermin around here are on some sh$t! Not only did they eat most of my seedlings-my damn cable coax(from the pole to my house) was chewed heavily also-and we had the cable company out to fix the cable.
We wondered why we were dropping connection so much :thinking:

So, regrouped.
Went and got some clones. Burned a few ,doing too much. I forgot the KISS method. My bad :unamused:. On a positive note-my soil is hot and ready to go…maybe too hot. But you get where I’m coming from-I wouldn’t want it constantly needing food.
PLUS- we had a heatwave here on the west coast.
“The road to hell is paved with good intentions…”
The survivors-
Cereal Milk(fem seedling), Southpaw kush (reg),and Master Blaster (listed above). The clones- Banjo(teen), Glitter Bomb(teen),Blueberry Odder Popz(clone), Wedding Pie(teen). I put those outside already, directly into their forever home. Risky? Maybe. Rolled the dice,spun the wheel.
The standbys(in the garage, under LEDs)-Strawberry Hill, Double Dream, and Benzina.
I spoke with a few growers who also put their clones outside at this time also. “Just because it works for them, doesn’t mean it will work for you…”
I know. But the mad scientist in me had to give it a try.:crossed_fingers:

Locked ,cocked, and ready to rock! :facepunch::100:
SL out.


The doctor is in, and I recommend …AMPUTATION! :smiling_imp:
(For anyone that has seen the Hellraiser films…)
First-I hope everyone’s grow is coming along splendidly :heart:.
My growing “chi,” has been off since my season started later, and changed a few iterations.
My original pollen chucking experiment was altered. A few regular seedlings continue-so there may still be some chance of micro-pollinations on a branch or two. But we still have to see.
I had oral surgery,and that kinda threw me for a loop. But the train kept moving.
So ,after my crazy acquisitions to my late start-I have an update.

Cereal Milk (msnl)(fem) Seedling. Planted 052124. Same with the other seedlings, SSK(reg), and CK/Master Blaster. (Reg)

SPK #1 (seedling)

SPK #2 (seedling)

CK/Master Blaster
And now for the experimental clones that were thrown right in the mix-no hardening either.

Banjo #1

BOP planted directly into the pot 060324

Banjo #2 part of same batch of clones, from Haze dispensary in San Jose, Ca

Wedding Pie. Harborside San Jose. Same day as other clones, but different dispensary.

Lucky #7 . From Airfield dispensary,approximately same time.

Glitter Bomb-from Harborside.

Georgia pie from Haze dispensary in San Jose.

I know I should’ve grouped and categorized them more efficiently for the log. My bad.
So-so far-I have lost a few, but kept on Trucking.
Would I put them directly in the ground next time? Meh, probably not. But desperate times and all that.
But anyone can do it when it’s easy.
I still have Double Dream and Benzina going, but mostly as contingencies if some died. Maybe I’ll throw those two in the 10 gallons (net pot,black) I have laying around with dirt. They have been usef before, but mostly for my rosemary and cilantro grows. They are empty-why not?

Thanks everyone for stopping by.:+1::clap::wave: I will have something of a harvest this year-right around the time my new dental implants arrive. Yay!:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Keep on truckin’!:facepunch:
SL out.


Dratz-I forgot to include Strawberry Hill. A clone from Airfield dispensary. 060624. Transplanted 061924. Spent some time in the garage as part of the contingency.

SL out.