I'm guessing seed mold?

The bearded seed. 19 did not germinate. Mold!

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Mold indicates an unsanitary environment. Distilled water and peroxide for the win.

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Operator error!!! Sry to see it…

Don’t know how I would have caused this. I used filtered water and tweezers while handling the seeds. Your thoughts? Cause if it’s mine I don’t expect the seeds to be replaced.

Direct to soil is best.I no longer use this method.I lost a few seeds myself this way,

All on preference…ive never had an issue this way as long as you keep it absolutely sterile…ill even swap out paper towels if necessary or if i see any kind of contamination. Lots of causes whether it be related to seed sterility or human contamination, environmental, ect…Just my 2 cents!! Not SAYING you did anything wrong( I wasn’t observing you procedures to pinpoint that as a root cause)
Yes, risky but if done correctly, results are priceless!!!