I'm getting medium sized buds how can I get 7 8 inch buds

My question is I’m growing grapefruit I clipped it 4 times to get 8 budsites they are all the same size but I’m not getting any length to my disliking my budsitesare quite uniform but need help for getting 8 inch buds

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Got any pic . O yeah wellcome flowers only get in my experience 1to 2 in if your talking about the tops just buds that are touching one another makes it look like one. If ther the size of grapefruit watch for mold. Like to here more about the grow. Just finished up 2 journals I’m hanged out wandering

Hey, @JTBWired, welcome to ILGM! A lot of the structure of the bud is in the genetics and the type of strain. But a lot of it is in the training techniques used, too. By topping the plant, you’re creating more, shorter branches, unless you veg longer to let them grow out longer. I vegged a plant that was ‘topped’ by my cat, for quite a while, a little over 2 months in total, I think. Anyway, I had several (20-25), 10-12" colas, and based off that one plant vs. several others I grew with less than half as many ‘tops,’ I’d much rather have more dense, heavy buds than tall ones. Mine would have been better with better lighting. If you have the time, space, and lighting to do both (tall and dense), even better!


@JTBWired next try fimming instead of topping, less stress means faster growth, faster growth means the world!

2 months veg 2 months flower


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Welcome to the community lots of help here 24/7. Good luck with your grow.

I thought fimming I was just topping and you screwed it up.

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It’s exactly that but recovery time is less then topping

What light are you using?

1 hlg 260 for every 2’x4’ space .

My first grow , started with 2 seedlings only 1 made it to veg stage . Lots of help on the forum , if it’s offered follow up with these experts. Lots of talent here . This lady was topped a couple weeks into veg and then I started LST . Veg was about 5 weeks because of my grow tent restrictions, I wasn’t going to let her outgrow the space . She is now going on 6 weeks in flower , colas are getting fat ! Again ask questions, these good folks on the forum know their stuff ! Good luck …


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