I'm actually interested in beginning to breed strains

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I live in Maine. I’m actually interested in beginning to breed strains. I’ve been searching around, finding decent landraces to begin with, as we have a huge problem with rot up here. Everyone is constantly getting it. I’m interested in creating a base hybrid that will do well with our high humidity, and then creating crosses off it to get strains more specialized to the area. The other factors to consider are flowering times, as it’s typically too cold up here in October to continue waiting for plants to finish. I currently do a similar job, as I’m employed at the Jackson laboratory, I develop new strains of mice to mimic human disease.

My curiosity is more with breeding, as well as how self pollination with colloidal silver will affect the genetics of the plant. I’m familiar with genetics, just more animal focused than plant. Currently, I’m looking at starting with Brazil Amazonian, with flowers fully in the rain forest, and crossing with an original afghani from canuk seeds to shorten flowering time slightly. Any ideas?


No suggestions but lovely idea! I stay in a very humid area as well. And that maybe cause enough to get to tweaking on my own breed one day. :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5: Join us. And keep me in the loop

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What you’re looking for then is the airy bud structure of a sativa with the short flowering time of an indica? One of the biggest hurdles there will be how well you can get the controls of your space set up.


Mexican Sativa does well with humidity and heat

Created an account. The beauty of Brazil Amazonian is that it fully flowers into hard, dense buds in one of the most humid places on earth. It’s a mostly indica landrace strain. It typically finishes flowering outdoors in October, which is a little long. Sativas typically take too long to flower to grow in this region, due to the cold that comes with october, we typically get snow near the second half of the month.

Afghani finishes up outdoors in September, so my goal is to get the Brazil disease resistance combined with the afghani flower time. Afghani seemed a good choice, since it’s truebreeding. I plan to begin this project after this year’s harvest, so I can stay legal. Once I get these two crossed and bred out to f3 or f4 it should be stable. At that point, the idea is to use this as a base strain, and cross attributes, like blueberry or kush, onto the background to create an assortment of strains suited to the northeast.

My real question has to do with the genetics behind using colloidal silver to self pollinate a plant. Are the resulting seeds considered an f1? F1 usually refers to the first filial generation, and symbolises the first offspring in a hybrid mating. As I stated, my profession involves the breeding of animals for specific traits, the benefit I have at work is the ability to take tissue samples, and check genes early, rather than waiting to view a phenotype.


This sounds very interesting.

Very good idea. I’d be interested in buying

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That’s correct, It takes a while, with the crossing and back breeding, to obtain what your looking for; as it relates to an F1 strain.

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