I'm a new father Cigars all round WW babies

Thanks I’ll The feeling of being a father again it’s been awhile


Woohoooooooo congratulations on all your new dependents.
Gonna be a busy daddy changing all those dirty pots!:sunglasses::smiley::laughing::joy:


So excited about potty changing lol luv ILGM who made the conceptions possible and fatherhood again all girls, soo cool not like this 20 year ago lmao
Thanx for the cheers and to you my friend


I’m waiting on my girls but when they get here its on

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It will be worth the wait happy growing


How do you like the drip system

Hi Nell this is the first drip system I have used previous to this I have always used flood and drain.
So far so good as can be seen with the clone the growing seeds are too small at this point in time to really gauge positive or negative.
The drip system is off for an hour and a half and on for half an hour allowing drainage and not overwatering.
Most probably a very good system for people doing it on a small scale in a small cupboard where is the reservoir is under the plants


Congrats and good luck with your journey! I’ll be looking forward to watching the girls grow!



Appreciate any help I can get more than way cool

Thats nice I wanna do a flood to drain myself but I’m going to stick to soil until I really know what I’m doing