ILGM WW flowers turning into Q-tips? LED burn? Dumb grower here and curious. Oh the humanity!

So this one plant out of 7 in the tent is growing, at the flower tips, what appears to be Q-tips. Little white gentle puffs of cotton. On 4 of the 6 or so buds. Maybe a month before harvest.

And I need flowers more than loom food…

Is this an obvious problem I’ve overlooked? I’m suspecting LED burn. But none of the on line reference photos show cotton to my very crappy eyesight.

Lighting comes from about 900 to a thousand actual watts of Illumitex LED neosols in a 5x5 tent.

Because the other 6 plants are not churning out these short staples, I’ve passed over the usual suspects of ph and nutes or too much light. (But as a noob, what the h do I know??)

The photos don’t show the little white puffs. Just think Q-tip…color and size…

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m not too computer savvy so I apologize if any of this doesn’t make sense. It’s been a loooong day…

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I don’t rightly see anything to worry about might just be really thick pistols

Hi @6strings5thumbs

Your terminology is confusing me a bit though?

On what date did she begin flowering or how many days into flowering is she (Not 12/12 light switch)

I see lots of white pistils. The buds are under those…


Can you get a pick of you Q tips please would help us help you @6strings5thumbs
Otherwise you look ok

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lol that’s what you want them to look like when they’re flowering! The pistils start off white, then turn red/brown, so don’t worry!


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@ktreez420 I don’t know what they are referring to here
They look ok to me as well but it does say pictures don’t show them ? And they haven’t responded to any of our posts so I guess it not a big problem?

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