ILGM the best company

And allowing other seed banks clients to set up journals and post with their competitors plant stock……


I agree with you here. I’m running some Cannarado and InHouse genetics next run. As well as some Barney’s Farm to try out. Cannarado and InHouse are top tier genetics, Cannarado for the rosin :smirk_cat:

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Oh yeah there’s so much stuff out there. North Atlantic seeds has like 20 breeders on there.

@Mosca I have yet to grow any of the Baking Mix Pack I bought in Sept. 2020. I got sidetracked with all of the purple varieties in the Purple Mix Pack and their clones. Then, I couldn’t pass up Afghan I am growing now. I guess it will be sweet treats for the Fall of 2023, unless of course I decide to grow some Maui Wowie.


How did the purple mix pack come out? Was it purple or just hype? @beardless

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The GDP I grew last fall had more color than the ones from the summer
Fall harvest. The flash washes out the color and doesn’t do them justice

Another GDP from the fall, different plant

Purple Haze - some were really vibrant

The purple kush had the least color. Conditions were warm and I was experimenting with a new medium.

I grew clones from both GDP and P Haze. Both were strong producers. One mother GDP weighed in at 22 oz.


@beardless Nice!! I’ve got GDP from the Pure Indica mix pack. I cannot wait to get to one of them. GDP will be a 10 gallon one plant 4x4 grow hopefully. I bet that GDP tasted insanely awesome!!! Nice plants :100:


The plant I mentioned was in a 5 gallon rain science bag filled with coco. It filled up my 3x3.

It and its clones were good grows


This was my decision. My ILGM-Maui Waui arrived with some Gold Leaf seeds. Both germinated (some) and made dirt on 11-11-2022. Nice strong growers, getting training


I ordered the gdp after reading @beardless journal. His were a thing of beauty and ill be happy if mine are half as nice!


Most excellent journal, he’s kinda like a cannabis MacGyver.


As long as I’m using the ILGM Forum I will keep at least one of their strains in some form of growth. It is the least I can do for providing this space to enjoy.


Agreed! Some people have the ability to adapt on the fly or come up with custom solutions for their problems. Then there are others (:raising_hand_man:) who are grateful for the first group :rofl::rofl:


Same here. I hope my skills hit the point where my journal (whenever i get around to starting a new one) becomes free advertisement for ilgm highlighting the genetics they have.


This forum is like a swiss army knife, theres someone for everything. Believe it or not, yes we have a Dr Phil.


@brownsfan100 I’d love to see pics of members bud on their seed store to highlight the strains. They could use bud of the month pics that way the genetics are verified by order number. :100:


I beat that drum all the time. Some great growers with great genetics, free forum, free seed insurance, and keeps this old man off the dirt roads.


Awesome idea there. Thats a badge of honor right there having the cover photo for a strain!


Agreed! I know just the forum alone is priceless, let alone adding the other things to it!


I concur; I placed an order on Wednesday, Jan 4th and the seeds arrived yesterday, Monday, Jan 9th. That is five days, including a weekend.

From previous order I have a 100% germination rate after 8 seeds (2 Amnesia Haze Autos, 2 LDS Autos, and 4 Gelato Autos).

Took advantage of the 10/10 deal; with a ten dollar coupon it came to 20 Super Lemon Haze Fem seeds for $119 = $5.95 per seed. Very fast delivery and a good price (if you buy in quantity).