ILGM NL Auto going hermie end of flowering?

I began flushing 11/18, just noticed this bright green today. Am I going bananas?

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Yep , those are nanners…
What do the trichomes look like?
Looks like your getting close to the end of the grow…
Unless you have newer plants that you just added to the area you shouldn’t have any problems letting them finish… :wink:
Although your going to have to wipe your tent down real good after this run , so you don’t pollinate future grows… :wink:
You could also pluck those off to lessen any of the things I discussed above…
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Thanks!!! I have them in with another NL Auto that I planted at the same time and a fem that’s mid flower. I’m using a jewelers loup and can’t see any amber trichs but they’re milky. She’s 53 days into flower. Still think it could use another few days?
Would I be good to just leave the herm in my office to finish off in the sunlight?

Ya , your fem will end up with seeds if you don’t… it would be a cross between the auto and the fem… not sure what you would end up with crossing an auto with a fem…
How long has the fem been on 12/12 …?
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Thanks so much. Should I pluck the bananas off anyways? The fem is a grape lime Rickey. It started flowering 11/3. She’s not showing any hermie at all.

You can take a tweezer and pull them off :wink: