ILGM Master Kush grow

Ok so I’ve done 2 treatments with the microbe tea courtesy of Hisenberg’s recipe sure it’s been talked about At least once on here. First tea was not his recipe but a last minute what I had lying around tea. However on Sunday the MycoGrow soluble came in. I quickly discarded the other tea that was already showing that it worked in my outdoor garden and started brewing THE TEA. Listen I was skeptical I saw all the people saying YES YES YES but after all I was doing to fix it and everything I tried nothing was working so I was about to give up. I’m no quitter but it’s no easy job to continually see your plants swing from ok to dying and not get any better even with all the work you put in. I should have just listened. I saw this thread a while ago maybe a month or 2 ago but didn’t think mine was bad enough to need something so sophisticated or what I thought to be. It also tbh sounded like a constant thing that I would have to do to keep the plants happy and everything else I was already doing was for sterile so switching didn’t feel easy. . Well I was wrong. The tea is MUCH easier than cleaning rez every 2 days and worrying constantly not to mention PH swings and flushing. Tea Is honestly set it and forget it. 2 days later apply. Every 3 days apply. Put it in the fridge it stays good for 10 days so you get 1 initial dose and 3 doses every 3 days for 9 days so 4 in total. And you can start making the tea again day 10 after dose and it will be ready for the next dose and you can keep doing that until problem is fixed where you drop the dosing 10fold and just promote a healthy rez. See most people think Microbes don’t really do much in DWC other than help protect against root rot. And while the microbes would in fact be WAY more helpful in soil where they thrive they do work in DWC. Not gonna be a game changer but a fix and preventative for ALL types of root rot. This didn’t just help my rez it made the roots floating in it dissapear. Stabilized my PH and is killing the rot. This pic does not look good for normal standards but the brown is actually not hurting the roots at all. It’s a slime like root rot but is what is killing it. I was told this is normal and as long as new roots are popping out you are on the way to recovery. I don’t have before pics but it was BAD I got rid of most of the brown but the roots were sad and yellow and not growing but falling off. Now this

Recovery is on the way no roots floating in rez and new roots popping out everywhere also she looks pretty happy. I have her on a really low feed at the moment so there is some deficiencies but I’m slowly adding more nutrients until she looks even happier.

She is not dropping anymore she can breathe and eat. If you have any doubts and need a solution to Cyanobacteria or root rot that is tough Try it’s cheap cost me around $30 for enough for a whole year at least and I didn’t buy a big bag of EWC either.


Just a little update

Trimmed it since the pic was taken on Friday but both are flowering now. The Auto took a hit and will be a small plant kinda expected for my first one. Master kush is doing good and continues to grow and drink lots of water.


I have been Keeping it simple since I was having so many problems but master kush is doing phenomenal compared to how it was going previously lots of tops and I will try to keep this thread updated just haven’t been doing much other than water changes and trimming.

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