ILGM Link Posting with odd logo

Normally the ILGM Logo posts when you put in an ILGM Link. Today it looked different? I’ve seen this before when the site domain is expiring… Just in case

@latewood @garrigan62

I noticed it too!


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maybe stems from server whoas latewood was having?

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Being in IT all those years lol when I see weird stuff like that I get nervous! Haha

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I do not see or understand what you are talking about. :slight_smile:

The logo from ILGM… Is huge domains instead ILGM @latewood

Hi guys, now worries, I believe it has something to do with a caching service we use. Will look into it somewhere in the future :smiley:

ok Roy @ILGM.Roy FYI A link I posted last week displayed the ILGM logo, so whatever happened only happened over the last week.

I haven’t been able to view the seeds page since last night.

Hi @EarlyPearl we had a little tech error but it should be up and running again. If you’re still not getting the shop you may need to clear your browser history and retry

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