so i have a single grow of GSCE that has turned hermie. not to upset aboutit, its free seeds but the male sacks have turned yellow. its in its 8th week it was a runt that i kept and im sure i stressed it out pretty bad. my question is though the male parts have turned yellow and the rest of the plane is normal will they still pollenate?

I wouldn’t worry about the male parts as they have already done their jobs. The seeds will appear in the female flower portion of the plant.


Unfortunately the seeds it produces are not worth your time to grow. They now carry a strong herm trait.

Your best bet is to make hash or oil from the plant, sanatize your room and try again with good genetics.

Also the GSCE seems to be one of the ilgm autos that can grow really big and beautiful but also may not flip… Not the most stable genetic


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the plan for this plant was to make edibles. Am i limited to hash or oil?

Oil is what you use to make edibles, I would recommend mtc oil or Avacado oil with an added but of sunflower lectlin and citric acid.

Medium chain oils are your best option for absorption and your health, the lectlin boosts absorption, citric acid reduces weed taste and helps preserve

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I had one that never hermed, wasn’t around a male (checked with neighbors) that produced 3 seeds. Her sister grew right next to her, never an issue. Here’s the kicker, the seeds didn’t develop past about the size of a sesame seed and the plant had no more issues of the sort again. As you said, huge potential to thrive and produce great flowers, but high tendencies of herm/seed(?).


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That’s a shame to hear about your GSCE. I’m currently growing one as well, day 52 I believe today (18 flower)