Ilgm fertilizers

What’s going on everyone? I was wondering, using the ILGM fertilizers do I have to flush prior to harvest?

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It’s a choice ?

I wasn’t sure, I’ve read that if organics are used you don’t have to flush I wasn’t sure if it applied to ILGM fertilizer . I’ve always flushed till the run off was clear/semi clear. The runoff with this grow is pretty much clear even when I feed with the I LGM fertilizer :man_shrugging:t2:

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I use them and I flush I feel like I can taste them if I don’t

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I never flush and its never tastes nor smelled like chemicals. I have a super sensitive nose due to a chemical incident with Xylene. I can’t go in a Perfume and Cologne aisle. It can cause bloody noses. Its even tough for me to go in the cleaning supply aisles as well.

It was so bad I had to wear a gas mask for 6 months in that area of the hospital.


@MrPeat feel for you! Spent many years in a lab. Some things have no scent to me and others are “phantom” scents that no one else smells. Hate the detergent/cleaning supply aisle.

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Ilgm fertilizer is synthetic to best of my knowledge. That doesn’t mean its required to flush your grow because you used synthetics. This is highly opinionated subject that has very little scientifically proven data to support either side. A simple experiment with food coloring can tell you that straight water won’t remove things that have been put into plant though. Keep that in mind when you read everyone else’s opinions.


I appreciate the response. I just read a study that was done using food coloring as you mentioned ! Says exactly what you just stated Thank you very much!:+1:t3::+1:t3:

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