Ilgm fem chronic widow seedling what is this on its leaf

It’s in a coco coir peat moss and vermiculite seed starting mixture and it has white spots on the leaf what could this be seedling is almost a week old.

Looks like water marks. You got water on her, your light source cooked the water. IMO

@Zee I know this is another plant but do you know what this could be ?

What soil you growing in? Are you feeding it nutes?

It’s in a mix I made as jt was cheaper it has perlite vermiculite peat moss and some coco coir mix and yes I’m feeding a very light mix of grow big and big. Bloom ff it’s about to start flowering also

@Zee could it be time for a flush it’s at 37 days and starting preflower it’s an auto

Either you got nutes on that leave, or it’s wind burn. I haven’t started flower yet, I also grow photos.

I would check your water runoff for PPM readings before you flush.

If it’s wind burn should I take my fan off of it?

Yes, typically you want your fan blowing on top of plants, like a gentle breeze.

Oops noob mistake :joy::joy: I had it blowing towards the center of the plant I guess I know what it is now :joy:

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I did it myself! Long as you learn, it’s not a mistake. :smile: