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This is the ILGM Grow forum. This forum does NOT provide any information on orders from the shop. For information on your order from the seedshop, please reply to your order email.

We provide Marijuana Grow Support to our customers, potential customers, and any other person with a personal interest in growing marijuana.

Experts growers are here to answer all your questions related to growing marijuana. At the same time, everybody is welcome to chip in. The ILGM Support Forum is an open place.

This forum is not our place for customer support. When ordering marijuana seeds or marijuana nutrients from my seedbank, you get detailed instructions by email.

You can reply to that email with any question, doubt or problem you have. Claire and the support team will go out their way to solve it for you. When emailing, you will first receive an automated conformation email. A personal answer follows within 24-48 hours ( On Mondays to Friday, we have wives and kids too)

Details on your order are private information, not to be shared on a public forum.

About shipping and delivery: My seedbank has been active for a number of years, shipping worldwide. We have achieved a very good delivery rate with our unique stealth. As one of the only seedbanks out there, we promise a free reshipment if your order does not arrive. We are not even fussy about full refunds.

I use the revenues of the seedbank to keep this forum online. I want to give everybody the chance to learn how to grow marijuana, it is such a wonderfull plant :slight_smile: Please be positive, patient and caring. Life will be good to you.

Happy growing,

Robert Bergman


I ordered my seeds on the on the 1st and received them on the 12th. Very pleased with ILGM. They arrived sooner than I thought they would my grow room won’t be ready for another week.


I am fairly new to ILGM, this is my second order shipment. I have two packages that were processed on March 4 and I have not received them yet, March 24. My first shipment was here in seven days. How long is the normal shipping time for expected shipping?


I ordered seed and booster on feb 19 it is now march 26 and I still have nothing,my first order in October came in around 10 days,so they do send orders out,if this were my first order I would be thinking I was getting riped off but not the case… all I know is I grew some killer bud using ilgm seed and booster… as long as they refund my money if I do not get my order all is fine…

I’m having trouble getting my seeds as well. I ordered them on Feb 2nd and they still have not arrived. I have contacted Claire through email many times and there is still no resolution to the problem. I ordered seeds last year and had them within 10 days.

I’m still waiting to hear back from Claire regarding replacing the missing seeds. I hope you guys can help me get a new batch of seeds sent.

Just an FYI, Claire does get your e-mails, it just might take a couple days to get back to you. I’m sending a notice to this link to her also, just to be double covered.

This is FYI to anyone who cares. I ordered Roberts booster set last year in October. It took over 6 weeks to get them because " [The Postoffice] claimed" the package was damaged during shipping. I recieved them in a different box than was shipped. It was a small box for a fan with a note from the post master claiming they,“damaged it”. Robert was also running a speacial on his Gold Leaf if you bought his booster at the same time.

Recieved the seeds in about 10 days.

That was my second and third orders respectively. Point is that if you order the booster set, customs cannot hold it. It’s not illegal to have or ship. The seeds on the other hand ARE. This about the only site I’ve found that guarantees its receival of said product.

Are there going to be problems, your kidding only yourself if you think otherwise. Have patience and quit being an ass. They’ll work with you. They did with me and it all came out in the end. I realize you on the other end are saying, “That’s good for you, but you’re not in my position. You’re not dealing with what I am.” I was at the time, and it did work out. To those still upset there’s a lot of seed sites out there. Order from them and see if you can find a place to air your grievances if and or when you don’t receive your seeds. Try to have patience and as the old saying goes, “Smoke em if you got em.”

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I too have ordered seeds they were shipped I’m March 9th. Was told 10-12 days to US. March 29 still nothing. Have contacted customer support. Basically told just to wait. Is there anyway to check and see if customs is holding an order?


I don’t think there is any way to check with customs about your order unless they sent you the notice they confiscated something from a order addressed to you. And yes, I don’t think you want to go into much detail about your order in a public forum.

Continue communications through normal e-mail channels and I’m sure Claire will get you fixed right up.

Apparently there may have been a lot more confiscations by customs recently. This is obviously something not under the control of ILGM. Maybe there was a alert and customs is being extra vigilant about what is being mailed from other countries? Be patient and stay in contact with customer support through normal e-mail channels and the seed guarantee will always be honored even if it takes a long while to get it to you through customs.

I love Claire … we are finally getting my order straightened out. She’s been trying, even though I’ve been impatient about having to wait 8 weeks for the seeds. She emailed me just a bit ago to let me know they were resending the seeds I ordered ASAP. I am so happy. Last year I received my seeds within 10 days, so I don’t know what happened this time. Hope this batch gets here without any hiccups. Just about time for spring planting!

Thanks so much ILGM staff … you guys are great.


WoW,… I’m seriously getting nervous…
I’ve been placing orders from both “Amsterdam & Spain”, in the past few years. Only once did customs grab my seed. Fortunately, this company did offer the “guaranteed” stealth shipping, and I received my next order safely and promptly… The next season,(2014)… I was planning on re-ordering from this same company, yet at this time there was many issues of US Mail Interception from them.
As such, I ordered from another well reviewed company from Spain… and they indeed were an awesome company… Customer Service, Perfectly cleaver stealth shipping… (unexpected fast ass shipping in 9 days… even I wasn’t sure what was delivered)… not to mention… out of 35 beans… 6 various strains, various breeders… "All " geminated. When I logged onto this site in late Dec., there was notice they were not taking orders. So, I did a wee bit of research and placed a rather pricey order with another company… they claimed discreet stealth shipping etc,… etc,… took me a week just to choose my strains…
I placed this order Feb. 19th… on March 13th (yeah, Fri., the 13th) I received a small bubble envelope with nothing but that totally dreaded “Mail Interception” notice… there wasn’t any other items, to indicate this company had even attempted to use discreet and stealth shipping.
Knowing was probably useless… I sent them an email immediately… waited a week… nothing…
(sent out 3 more, still nothing)… in the meantime, I re-ordered from ILGM… Order shipped March 18th… I am watching my mail ever so closely, nervously… now.
I did let ILGM know of my “Interception” from this other company, and used a different receiver name… also, requesting utmost stealthy option… I know ILGM has guarantee… yet, I live in NE. USA… I “Must” start germination… I have no more time to wait for another shipment… only alternative will be to go “Auto”…
Will update…

Ok here’s my 2 coppers on this thread.
Calm down folks,don’t forget you’re having an item shipped in from another country,and sometimes there’s a snag where your item was held up in customs
Having ordered similar scrutinized items of all sorts,I’ve seen some not make it through
Have patience,don’t forget your credit card provide will back you up if you just plain don’t receive your purchased item.
The support team will make it good even if you never receive your purchased item.
My best advice is roll one and relax,if you don’t get your purchased item here,there’s a ton more sites to try.
Maybe at least take it into consideration.


I am in Australia, I have had the best customer service from Claire, the seeds arrived well early, ILGM literally saved my daughters health by providing quality product to grow ( we have been spending 350 p/oz x 8 every month), and they ( esp Claire) personally takes the time to respond to my basic queries. I think it is a little unfair to publicly denigrate before giving ILGM the opportunity to respond ( unless you are their competition and trying to turn customers away). Ease up and chill out, if you don’t like the service, and God knows why you wouldn’t, msg privately - and stop stuffing it up for the rest of us. They are awesome.


Yeah… Tis time to start… I have to say I’m getting a shitty feeling of yet another Mail Interception… [From another seedbank, not ILGM] will be my second since mid-Feb… first one being my own fault I guess, for not going with a guaranteed shipping company…[Like ILGM] I just got the bubble envelope with nothing but that GD “Mail Interception” notice… totally sucks… $250.00 down… "
yet, can anyone tell me this,… If a company does its job using stealth… obviously they must incorporate the beans into some type of object, be it a folder, clothing, cards, newspaper… etc., is it a law also that customs must forward along said items even if they confiscated the beans ?? Not, just the Notice ? My 1st time ever I got my shipment seized, I received the items they had been in… this time nothing. Im asking as I see not how any discreet / stealth shipping was even attempted’.
Upon emailing this other company several times, with photos,… I haven’t heard not One word…

Meanwhile, I did place this order with " ILGM"… so happy they do guarantee delivery. However,… my time is running super short. Ordinarily I would have babe’s under the lights by now. Ugh… It’s day 14, still nothing. If I need a resend, my whole entire seasons going to be F’ed. May have to go “Auto”… and I prefer not…
However, after placing my fears in the above reply, I “promptly” received an email from a “ILGM” rep. stating that they have been investigating the increased Interceptions at US Customs… (asshole’s they are)… and they assured me they have been utilizing New stealth methods at “ILGM” that are working well… I only Pray these newer methods were in effect March 18th… the day of my shipment… this is day 14… high hopes for tomorrow… again.
Will be so glad not to be watching for my mail every damn day…
I will update immediately upon arrival… or not…

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I have been waiting a month now from Texas

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Just an FYI, yes customs apparently had figured out one of their best stealth methods. Then there was a period when a quick and dirty few new methods were being tried out just to try and get the orders out to people in a timely manner, a lot of these methods were not the most successful. Yes it normally takes less than two weeks, sometimes for whatever reason it takes longer. And then also the problem is, if an item does get intercepted, the gubment apparently takes its sweet time mailing out the notice of interception by customs, this might take a month. All of this is outside the ILGM team’s control. Write your congressman, senator or representative and help push for nation wide and even world wide legality of ownership and use of cannabis by grown adults, otherwise I kind of don’t know what to tell you and as Latewood said, it is risky business… but dealing with ILGM isn’t. they have always stood behind their guarantees.

I’m sorry some of you placed orders during this time of transition and chaos and got all caught up in it. I think they did disable orders for a little while while they were figuring things out so as not to have people counting on a prompt delivery before a certain important time frame was over, and letting you guys go to another seed bank at that time if necessary.

All this is coming from some of what I’ve been putting together from talking with them and other customers. The team at ILGM did recently tell me they had figured out a new super effective stealthy system that is having great success, so hopefully a lot of this is behind us, and as I’ve said, in the aprox. 2 years I’ve been working with them, and also been a happy customer, I’ve never heard of anybody not eventually getting their seeds, as long as they are willing to wait for future re-shipments if necessary, or if they want, a prompt refund after the 30 or so days has passed.

Keep working with them through the link in your order reciept e-mail, I think it is

Please be patient, even during times with no mail problems they often get tons of e-mails and it may take a bit to get to your e-mail and get back to you.

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From all the replies if you ordered after the new year not many orders are getting to customers past customs, I’m not blaming anyone
But that’s just the way it looks to me, Claire did get back to me told me to wait a bit more, only problem is I grow outdoors my window for planting is

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I’m in Australia. I ordered the White Widow Feminized 10+10 free deal for $79 U.S around 20 Dec last year. After more than 40 days I contacted ILGM informing them I had not received the order, probably it was intercepted by Australian Customs.
Claire replied they would try again, and less than a month later I received the order. Great service and attitude from Claire.

[EDIT MOD: Stealth packing details removed]

Anyway, I did get the order so I’m very happy with the result. Thanks Claire! :smile:


If this helps anybody; I, myself have been waiting for 5 weeks, or so… I got my 1st order last year in 6-8 days. I work with the company. We are all in the same boat, and I know it is throwing off some members grow schedules. Me too!

All I can say is; “Hang in there”. :slight_smile: I am. Peace


So; What you are saying is that “Another” company never responded you…Right? After that you ordered from ILGM. :smile:
Your post was a little confusing. Peace

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