ILGM bud of the month chat room 2023-2024

Good play toochaa cause i dont think most homegrowers are prepared for the amount of work to trying level up what yall send out 5s 6s? Really takes in my honest opinion. I gotta stay ILGM for the win! :v::heart::point_up_2: best around ive found

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@Bunger64 I should clarify; if it’s a clone from a seed you’ve grown and you have an order number then it can be entered. If it’s a clone from someone else then it’s not valid.


Thanks Bobby That will work I can do that.

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GDP-FP5. Bin 03 06 01. 56350415

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I got you taken care of


Lots of good competition again this month I love it. Going to make that win that much more meaningful for whoever wins. Good luck to everyone and if you all want to withdraw and let me have it I won’t complain :joy:


Ok not sure which one I want to use but I think this one is the post for b.o.m.

#2497029 grand daddy purp auto


Did you post it in the BOM thread. This is for discussion. The BOM thread is for entries only. Cut off is the 21st at midnight

I have some other pics but just not sure if anyone is interested I have other pics on my other thread.

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I’ll have to double check. Thanks for that

Yep I sure did. Thanks I just did the search it gave me 2 threads I must’ve clicked on this 1 also. But trying to cover my booty. Sorry for that I looked through and seen others In here doing the same. So I posted

did not want you to miss your chance as that is a monster bud.


So when are the actual numbers tallied up? At the end of the month or on the 21st? I haven’t done this before and I’m just interested that way when I do this again I can post sooner then later.

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Thank you I appreciate that. It about 9 inches tall on an auto so I’m pleased, I’ll probably get about 100 grams or so out of the plant when it’s dry and cleaned up. When it is I will post it seeing I got them front the site and haven’t had 1 seed fail. Just started 4 more, they are in water now and probably be ready by Wednesday and then go into the peat pod from the pot4pot store from the site. Had REALLY good luck with their pods. So I’ll getting them because they are better then what I can get here in my neck in the north (Wisconsin). Not legal yet but still. If you have some better luck from something else let me know, I’m open to change. Thanks brother. Happy growing to u :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


@Justifed the entries will close midnight on the 21st. At that point voting is open for one week. At the end of voting the winner will be announced immediately


Thank you. @AfgVet I appreciate that. I have grow a total of seven of these at a shot. So I wasn’t sure what/when/and of course which one to do. Haven’t had a lot of input from my outside sources. Just because they all say they look great, but some of these pics are amazing from other growers. Kudos to all who entered. I wish I could just like them all. So again brother. Thanks for all the info​:call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::potted_plant::potted_plant:


Submission ends on the 21st so we can vote. Then they reveal the winner and you get swag, braggin rights and a tag after ur name here in the forum. Its all at the top of the Sept BOM thread.
Yeah. What she @AfgVet said.


I am simple as possible across the board on how i grow. Once she has a tail i put her in a seed cup

And in the dome for 2 weeks. I call it the Leave em alone stage. Humidity at 80 and a heat mat at night.
Transplant to next pot at 2 weeks

And almost ready for next pot

Sorry. Thought this was ur thread hoppin over there to continue convo


Well all I can do is post what I can. I do the peat pot and go into the forever pot( a 5 gal fabric) then wait. I did no training on these that’s why they look like the Xmas tree. But I learned that if I mess with the autos it changes the time line. What I mean by that is if I cut them at all it stints them. So the next grow I’ll do some Lst and get them back like my other grow. They turned out great , but prolonged it a bit. Just a couple weeks but still.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl:me too. Sorry guys