ILGM bud of the month chat room 2023-2024

@Powderburn1 I need some more info on your entry. Order number, strain name……

Please repost your entry


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Im hoping thats correct number only other auto ive had are 3" gold leaf ilgm


@Calibudz. Banana Kush auto was our first ever! 3 plants, avg 4ft tall 4 zips of nugs from each, no fluffy bud counted.

Grove bag from dec. Smells like fresh banana bread. We think its a very smooth, very sneaky high. Loved it so much, we just dropped one on our third grow.

@Autos-only. Dos-Si-Do just dropped one to start our 3rd grow, any reports on growing, end results would be appreciated.

Welcome aboard the forum, good luck on yalls gorgeous BOM entries.


@Mosca Thank you for the welcome! Iv been apart of other forums for over 10 years but I saw the positivity and friendliness here and said “I have to try this!”

First thing I noticed growing Dosi was the two completely different phenos, one heavy sativa one heavy indica. Growth structure are complete opposites. This is by far the longest running strain I have had, they went about 35 days before flipping.
They don’t seem to mind to much DLI like other sensitive strains iv grown.
Mid to low 70s has been its favorite spot (at least for me)
Average to heavy feeder.
Smell for me as been sweet, animal cracker with some funk! Great smell and strong!
I will for sure get you a smoke report as soon as I can, I’m gonna go one more week (105 days) and check and hope I see what I wanna see!!!


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Thank you

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Wife loves the banana kush wish i would have done a journal on this grow but just recovered pass word like a month ago. Having fun with this second run off banana few more weeks til i het to harvest these ladies up happy growing


@Mosca Here is a couple photos I took today of the Dosi, day 97.
Hopefully only one more week.
Great genetics I highly recommend! And Zkittlez.


Soaked them, peat potted, and up already, will get 5 gal. Fabric pots saturated with jacks and the coco later today for final home. So here we come with Dos and purple punch, more face planting i presume,

May i suggest the Wedding Cake, face planting into my pillow has happened a few times with new strain.

 Remember, we have not had the luxury of a selection for 7 yrs, dealer.   We most likely have not had anything close to this fire and its potent to us.     

Lol, face planting is currently in my vocabulary.


@Mosca I have been wanting to try wedding cake! That may have pushed me over the edge Haha! Face planting is always nice! When you expect it that is!


We old and got really stoned to the bone. Great taste, :+1: had chores to do yesterday, came in mid morning for a break, woke up 5 ish. Woooooooo the Cake. Runtz is the other we grew, it has punching power also.


I’m glad Im not the only one who does power naps. Lol


Man thats a bunch of beautiful buds to have to choose between


No doubt. Y’all have been bringing it for a long time now.


We love the banana, we have stellar potent ilgm genetics, now growing dos si do and purple punch, and another banana. Its that :+1:. We call it sneaky high. Smooth with great flavor and smell.


I’ve really enjoyed the banana kush, nice mellow smoke and I always pick up the smell of juicy fruit gum during flower


The last auto i grew was Banana Kush from ILGM. Pulled 3.5oz off her.


this was from the first round of ban kush. probably a combo of my most proud/dumbest luck moment since I started: miracle grow soil, Amazon LED’s, and it was the first grow ever for me haha looking back now, I wish I would’ve kept a cutting from that one!


Dosido day 106, just letting the last one ride! Very very pleased with this auto from ILGM!!