ILGM bud of the month chat room 2023-2024

Smoking as I read through the posts, man I love taking photo’s I could show you but only 5 at a time, lol they are all Mother Natures beauty’s some like to have a little makeup to be presentable in their eyes others are just the plane jane thats beauty is with in. This is the most bestest place to hang and show with pride. Car shows Bring What Cha Got.


Im always down to burn one🤘


Man, the entries already up this month are freakin contenders!!! Almost glad I don’t have any ILGM going right now!!! Lots of luck growmies!


TGIF growmies! A little gold leaf to start the day…lovely strain imho. I’ve been up since about 4:20 AM so i think I’m gonna twist one now lol!


420, your late, at least you brought the smoke.

Gold leaf write up did nothing to tickle my interests while surfing ilgms store, but the bud shots that keep showing up does. Truly a very beautiful strain.

@StickyFrostyBuds. Mind if i ask basics?

Lighting, nutes, and medium.

Please and thank you.


@Mosca I agree 100%, I didn’t buy Gold Leaf for a long, long time because of the stores crappy/larfy/yellow bud pic lol. Glad I ultimately did try it though…I almost always have at least one GL running in my room at all times now :slight_smile:

Here’s how I’ve been growing it…

  • Light Growers Choice ROI-E720 with bloom bars
  • Soil Michigan Made Mix (AKA M3). It’s just a super soil, you can mix your own if you don’t want to pay hydro store prices. 5gal plastic pots (I go back and forth between fabric and plastic pots)
  • Nutes Papa’s Perfect Poop and worm castings (All I do is top dress with this mix 2-3 times after flipping to flower), Botanicare CalMag+
  • Mycorrhizae applied directly to roots and in the hole when transplanting
  • MammothP microbes
  • Aroma sweet/rotten fruit, funk
  • Test results from last round 24.8% TAC


Thank you for that info. Cant argue when proof is in the pudding.

Bloom bars, what are they?

TAC not ringing my bell, what is that acronym?

You always have eye candy, very nice eye candy.


Speaking of which…ILGM powers that be. Some of us are very interested in growing out your strains for pictures on the main site. Because many of them are extremely lack luster and are hindering sales based off of just that. So if youd like to Sponsor a few of us to grow show stoppers for you in exchange for free seeds. Id imagine those people would be on board. To not only grow them out and take pictures along the way but to also accompany each grow with an entire complete and comprehensive grow journal.


Total Active Cannabinoids. Not necessarily THC content, but CBD, CBG, CBN, everything that our cannabinoid receptors indulge in.


They do do this now. @Docnraq is working in conjunction with them on some grows currently for IG.


Bloom bars are just an optional add on for the ROI-E720 light…could be all marketing hype lol :slight_smile:

“Introducing the Grower’s Choice UV-R Bar set. A Horticulturally engineered supplemental bar set, which provides a key spectrum to further promote overall health, robust plant growth, and increased resin production, working much like our 10K finishing bulbs.”

TAC is “Total Active Cannabinoids”. In my experience, for THC dominant strains the final THC% ends up being pretty close to the TAC% (1-3% lower in my experience). I want as much THC as possible, but it’s definitely not the be all end all in terms of potency/effect. I think there’s something to the “entourage effect” argument, so I like to see a high TAC%.


I think there was actually a pretty big discussion about this last year or year before. I think attempts were made, but the forum and the mods are a completely different part of ILGM so getting the powers that be to agree was kind of a toughy. I think it’s a slammin idea really.


Well i retract my previous comment! That’s awesome! I get so behind reading others topics because of life, but really cool @Docnraq !


super cool!


Yes, im still in the process of affording a UV-R far red light bar. Im going to wait until i get my grow room finished up and Co2 setup going before hand.

They help put the plant to sleep faster by running them about 15 mins after lights out. Simulating the setting sun.


It has been mention, i think, by a mod that some strains could be used if it meets the eye candy test.

Might have been in Strain of the month thresd.


Grass is greener on otherside of the fence?

I know that there are 100s of successful recipes to grow the best cannabis out there, indoors and out.

Best way to get that warm fuzzy is compiling data.

Like light bars, yes or no?

@StickyFrostyBuds always has frost, lots of frost, kinda living up to his moniker ten fold.

Thsnks for your passion, it shows it.


Much love @Mosca !!!


Thought I’d share a few pics of some Welche’s plump twat that just finished up :eyes: