ILGM bud of the month chat room 2023-2024

I did not see that anyone had created a chat thread for the 2020 BOMs yet.

If we can keep all of the chatter over here, it will keep the BOM thread a bit easier to navigate and select our favorite candidate buds.

Good luck everyone and happy growing.


@BobbyDigital that Blackberry Kush is absolutely beautiful, I would really like to get a plant that expresses really dark/black as it matures. That one will be difficult to beat. :+1:


Thanks man, this one is a bit of an anomaly. The other ones I’ve grown haven’t done this. This is the first one that has seen 77 day/ 68 night temps so maybe that’s why. The others saw 84 day/ 75 night. It is also the smallest one so far


My current grow is the first time that I have seen any significant colors expressed. I am thinking that lowering the night time temperature to mid 60’s and slightly higher pH for the last month of flowering has helped with the colors. Still learning stuff LOL


This is also the first one I’ve done in kind soil (and will be the last). Kind soil isn’t feeding her so maybe some stress along with the cooler temps is contributing.


I have not tried Kind soil yet, after some experimenting I have settled on FFOF with added worm castings and perlite.


It seems hit or miss. I followed the instructions to the letter. This was her about the time the ocean forest on top ran out of nutrients and she should have started exploring the kind soil

And this is her a few days ago.

It’s like the roots refuse to touch the kind soil. Should be interesting so see what happened once I pull her from the pot


I would sure like to see what the roots look like as well, something is amiss.


Its actually lower ph towards the end. it hasn’t been proven in cannabis plants but there is a few plant out there that do it. Can’t remember the names but read it on

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I have read it both ways, not sure which, if either, is correct.
There are quite a few variables and it may well be that it is some combination of them that we must get right to see colors.


I think with our plants it’s a combination of temperature swings- low at night and the plant eating itself


Dark devil is an awesome looking dark bud. According to the strain info. The nugs can look black in color and the hairs are golden/orangish red (flames) … that would be an interesting conversation piece once pulled out of the jar for company lol


What were your watering schedule, and night temps like?

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The reason I ask, is because over watering can breed pythium, and colder temps than 66F will typically “stop” a “hotsoil.”

My second guess is the soil got too cold. It’s a living soil, and when soil temps fall below the threshold, things inside die, or take longer than a day cycle to warm up enough to be beneficial for your plant again. If you think about it, your “hotsoil,” has been “alive,” for up to 2.5 months before you flower. Also, some of that bacteria travels to your base mix, but again it needs to be warm enough to move around.

If you were vigilant in keeping night temps at 67-69% or higher, than I’d say that looks like Pythium. Google it up, but squeeze the base of your stem, and you might be able to tell if it has root rot or not. I’ve done a lot of outdoor grows, and that’d really be my first guess.

About to start my first ks grow next month or so though. My first indoor grow too. Really excited, and will tag you when I start if you’d like.


The most water she ever got was 1/2 gallon. That would last about 3 days until she was completely dry. Lowest temps the room saw was 67. Soil never got below 70.

Started out giving her distilled water (as recommended by their instructions) but a few weeks into veg she ran into a nice calcium deficiency. Switched to ph tap and everything was well until about 1-2 weeks flower (usually the time ocean forest is depleted of nutrients). Now the top 1/2 of the pot is pretty hard and the bottom is soft. Thats telling me all the roots are sitting in the base media and not hitting the kind soil.

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The lack of thirst, and humid soil temps further confirms my theory of Pythium/root rot. Pythium thrives in temps at 70F and higher. Is there a moldy smell? I’ve seen it in outdoor grows, but never at flower. That really sucks man =(

When you do pull her, and I’d probs do it soon, or just toss her, post a pic of the root colors?


You’ve probably seen the colors I bring out in my plants.

Part of it is genetics, but I’ve brought out some deep deep purples In plants I never expected.

It could be pH. I know that will affect hydrangea colors, but it only seems to change the flower hue not the entire plant.

My pH actually bumps up to pH7 by the end, (which I try to maintain lower). It hovers around 6.5 until the last month or so, and then steadily climbs each week. I’m assuming it’s as the buffers in the soil start breaking down. Does the changing pH lock out nutes like phosphorus, thus affecting color?

In the winter my basement flowering tent sees regular nighttime temps into the 50’s f, and daytime highs into the 70’s. In the summer it’s usually lows around 70f and highs into the mid 80’s f. I grow with the same nutes, strains, and schedule (other than more watering in the summer). I see no pretty hues With warmer temps. But… the color changes only start appearing in the last month, even though the cooler temps have been consistent the entire flowering cycle. So I doubt it’s any one thing that’s changing the colors.

It could be a combination of temps, ph changes and genetics all working together.


No moldy smell. I couldn’t let her starve to death so I intervened and started adding Terp tea bloom. She has responded well to it. Will definitely document the root zone when she finishes up.


Indeed, but some really nice entries will make it a close contest. Hopefully a few more folks will climb onboard before this months contest closes.


Can i post a different picture of my November entry i didnt win but i dont know if im allowed to post the same plant twice