If these look heathy

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

if these look heathy too u and also if i had done it rivht as to growong them out side …icover them at nignt = also how long it take for em to really bud 20180831_111545 20180831_111523


U are in preflower now. (See white hairs : pistils) so 2 weeks from first pistils. Then 7-12 weeks flowering dependent on your strain.

Join us here. Loads of cool people that love growing good weed. Good luck n hope to see you around

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Your Ladies have a long way to go. Watch the top buds spread and grow together in a cola.

Keep them healthy like now. They will make you proud.

May i ask why are you covering them at night? Also id say around 10 to 12 weeks till harvest.

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