If leaves go light will they darken again?

If leaves go yellow from N deficiencies will they get darker again if this is corrected?

the one that are affected won’t turn green again but new growth and unaffected leaves should remain green as long as u have fixed the problem, if u notice more leaves turning yellow flush again then feed half strength nutes


Depends on how advance the N deficencies are. If too advance, no, it doesn’t come back. Sorry😦


Usually no, once the leaves turn yellow, they will not get green again.

That being said, I believe many newer growers mistake deficiencies/toxicities for the plant self-foliating itself…cannabis plants naturally ‘shed’ (for lack of a better word) older leaves. This, as I said, is natural and a way the plant gives food to newer growth. When this happens though it will imitate the appearance of N issues. Now the way to know or suspect your issue is this and not something else is it usually only impacts lower/older growth…though sometimes it may impact leaves that are not receiving enough light.

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Well there you have it. stright from the people who know. your fellow members