If I cut lights back will it make bud mature faster

If I cut lights back will it make bud mature faster if I cut lights off for three days will it mature

I’m pretty close my tricombs are mostly cloudy but I need it out of my grow space so I can put my new ones in there the wife says I have to move them and that’s the only place they can

I know on a few things that I read say during ripening only run lights 8-9 hours. Cut nutes and drop light and it should speed it up. Or put it in corners of tent and let it finish

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How many weeks b4 a auto can go under 12/12

Soon as I see that it’s showing sex, I drop to 12/12


@HornHead even on a auto you drop the lights to 12-12 ?


I think I’m tell her she has to deal with them where ther are for another week then I’m just have to figure a way to lift my new 3 higher then my current one

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Sure do. And I pull good weight off them too. Here’s my baby, lights just kicked on

Here’s a prepretty bud.
@Myfriendis410 when do you think I should cut nutes. Been flowering since 3-10

Growing in 7 gallon pot with about 5 gallon of coco coir


Your’e still pushing pistils so I’d ride it out some more. As long as she’s doing that I’d be feeding her.


I was out riding my boys dirt bike and found this in a pile of trash. Think it’ll work for a new hood?

It’s about 20"x25"x10


Why hell yeah it will work. Its reflective and already has the holes…may need a little fabrication but yep that will work . And hit it with some silver polush and give it a high mirror shine so it will be ultra reflective.

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Drilled a couple holes and threw some pop rivets in there


Pics coming soon ?

I’ll get them tonight when light comes on

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@Ncgreenthumber here it is buddy. Big bastard.

Here’s my pop rivets
AAnd the under carriage

Now the canopy


@HornHead boy i told you she was going to shine like a diamond in a goats ass lol. Damn good find brother and good work putting her up too man ! Looks like she was meant to be there !

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Thanks buddy. Only time will tell though. I’ll keep you posted


@HornHead i felt as if i didnt remove 4 of these huge damn fan leaves the bottom canopy would be getting no light. Do you think i just fucked up and made a mistake by doing that ? Shes in her first week of preflower . Super skunk auto

Look up schwazzing. I do it but not as heavy

Oh shit when you say not as heavy you make me feel like i just screwed up bad ? Or do you mean not as heavy as the pics im going to be looking at ?