If all goes well, how much can a 2x2x4 tent yield?

I love it ! :money_mouth_face::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Mine too! We will get there! So far so good!

I didn’t read all the replies before posting this, but you can yield a lot of bud in a 2x2 area of grow. Both these plants will yield about 12 ounces each and I grow 4 plants on a 4x4 flood table. I’ve already harvested the 2 CBD strains so I’m letting some of the buds lean where they want. The bottom line is that with good environment…good results @An-Cap1776. I haven’t bought weed in 4 years. I live in NC and they want $300 a zip. Screw that.


Yeah $300 here as well! And it’s not even that good of cannabis either. So that’s what led me to grow as well. Wish I had started earlier but just got a house a year ago from now. Living the dream!

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What took you so long? I took possession of our place last May, and the tent was up in June!
In BC, I can get legal dispensary weed for $80/oz, and still have to buy one here or there. My last harvest was 12-1/2 oz of bud and lasted me about 5 months. If I didn’t suffer a 7 week delay before getting the next batch going, I might have made it without buying. Hoping next harvest will see me sustainable, but it means I’ll be smoking larf while the main buds cure. As soon as this one comes down, gotta get another 4 in the 4x4 within a couple of days.

I have been growing in a 2x3x64” tent for about three years now, and after about eight harvest. My best was almost 12 oz, that right at 2 oz per square foot. The least was 51/2 oz, that is just under 1 oz per square foot. I think this is what most folks do in a small size tent.
I have also moved all fans and filters out side the tent.
Here is cheap way to move your charcoal filter out of the tent, while maintaining the correct air flow direction through the pre filter. I put a filter in a 5 gallon bucket as in the picture. Use the pipe on the side for the inlet, and let the fan discharge out the top. I set the filter bucket on a shelf in the garage and ran a duct from the top of the tent to it’s inlet. It worked just fine.


I manage 2 lbs popcorn and good bud in a 3x3 BUT that is a 20gallon pot…a ton of veg and photo. 1 plant wall to wall. Takes a while but easily achievable with patience. That is primary use of my 3x3 for medical.


How much veg time we talkin here?

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I was thinking 8 weeks in veg stage.

If you were referring to me i veg 3 months at times. Depends on where i pulled the clone as to speed of veg. I just fim and pull them open till happy with size…controlling height…then flip.


That tent will make a great dry-cure tent.
Your time and energy need a bigger and taller tent

quote=“HMGRWN, post:8, topic:89844”]
ILGM makes a claim for Trainwreck feminized yielding a whopping 5 to 15 oz per 3 sq.ft. My average for various strains has been 4 oz per plant (2’x2’ canopy)

3x3 is 9ft². Which breaks down to around 80 grams per ft² if using high end of their estimates. I can get to around 50 grams per ft² using relatively weak light and focusing on fastest time to harvest, and i’m definitely not the best grower here. These numbers are high, but not ridiculous.

If the goal is to pull the most out of the space you have to push it. Make sure your equipment will do what it needs to, and make sure the space is full. Cheaping out on a light that won’t push ppfd average won’t cut it. Then you will need to train plant to fill the tent and keep it healthy from start to finish. Probably won’t happen on your first or second grow, but if you stick with it a 2x2 with right equipment can easily exceed half pound dry.


I’ll just have to grow a more smaller sized plant. But I’ve seen so many videos people achieve growing easily in a tent my size. I have to get a bigger house for a bigger tent and of course my wife doesn’t want a bigger tent so it’s what I’m stuck with. WeedInAPot (YouTube channel) actually grew the exact strain I’m growing with the same exact tent and build set up. Looked like he probably harvested at least 4-5 ounces.

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Well i know how much you get when ising a 80×80×160 tent you get 16 ounces over half pound thats what i got from that size tent if that gives some sort of a indication on what u may get but when it comes down to it its how you grow it and whether or not u had problems along the way which can effect yeilds


I share this problem and feel your pain deeply.

I have high hopes for this skinny lady


I have never had a plant exceed two foot. This is b cause I use a net (priceles) scrog. I was unsure too how many but in a two by two go for one.
Have you tried mainlining ??
It takes some veg time. But any method will. This will solve height restrictions.
If not mainline just keep topping. Doesn’t matter if one or two. 3 too many.
I posted some pics from my2"2 as I thought they were shit. Only 18 months self taught (ilgm helped and always will)
I’ll post a pic of tent unzipped and some bud porn . These were initially grown in a 4*4 under 600w hps. Just finishing em off under 200w phlizon led. This is way better than hos in my opinion

Others will help more but a scrog net is a game changer for me and I don’t know what I’m doing. First time using the net and light(led). A clone done in there was twice size and quality of its genetically identical donor


Net not used since moving to small tent
.need big one to veg

The one at the front came down last night. That’s reefereshers by tastebudz.
Left is ak420 by seed stockers and smaller at the back is my favourite, strawberry Kush by white label. Sorry ilgm. UK so no shipping charges. Gonna buy some cos I wanna now enter the bud of the month. Haha gone from zero confidence to the community giving me tonnes. Enough to write these messages

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What’s mainlining mean? Sorry still very new and learning all the lingo.

Everyone has been super responsive and helpful. Learning all the ins and outs at this stage I feel is important in learning the next stages.