Idk what to do :(

Cool, good luck!

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It looks like they sit in water for periods of time to me and your reservoir level may be or has been too high. I personally use general hydro nutrients because they are designed for growing marijuana. You’ve got a cool little setup.

The aquarium PH meter will work fine. Critical to have air bubbles going all the time.

****Without being rude or insulting: you would do yourself AND those poor girls a big favor

IF you dump it all, sterilize and start anew.

Reason is: they are too far gone to produce anything worth the effort it will take to complete their life cycle.

Sometimes the BESTEST move is to punt and start over.
Suggest you seriously consider this option.

I appreciate your response, however, I am not one to give up that easily. Also, they are autoflowering seeds and already well into flowering, the og kush is budding now and the diesel is stretching insanely fast now since adding the foxfarms big bloom, I am talking inches in a few days. They have actually made a tremendous recovery since I have applied the help you all have given me, and it smells sooooo good. :slight_smile: If i am not mistaken they should only have a few more weeks left until harvest. Here are a couple updated pictures from today -
Pistils on the og kush are already starting to orange nicely.

The Diesel has started to gain purple on the bud sites :slight_smile:

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As always…your grow, your choice.

good luck

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Looking better! Good luck

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi just wanted to post a quick update because it has been a few days, plants are still doing well, the leaves have been yellowing more as the buds are filling out and it has been taking a lot more water in! Which is a good sign to me, I have fed it conservatively a few times since getting the foxfarms nutrients and i can tell a big difference with them for sure. The diesel has started to get a nice coating of crystals on the sugar leafs, and the og kush is smelling nice. I had a small bud site that I had accidentally trimmed off a week ago and found it yesterday all dried out and couldn’t resist giving it a go, nice skunky green hit, beautiful. Also, I picked up a new toy for them for $20 at a open box pallet place today, going to replace all of the lights including the aero garden hood light with this one light today.


Another update…

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Sorry your plants aren’t going the way you want the to. Those are some mutants! They look like they are headed towards finishing though. Your system is pretty close to mine in many ways and if you want the help to build one like mine I’m happy to give you a list of all the parts to make one that I guarantee will grow what you want!

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It was my fault, aerogarden was not sanitized sat for awhile, got mold issue at the beginning which caused root rot, was able to fix/stop it enough to get it to the point it is now, at least seeing some crystals and buds, any smoke is good smoke. Next run will be better


Another update, with trich pics!

Trichs are still nice and clear, in my opinion she still has about 2 weeks left


Hi guys. This is my first post And hopefully someone can advise. I have been babying a mutant Sativa which has been in flower since Sept. 29th. It’s stunted, the pistols are already turning amber, but the trichomes are not. It’s photoperiod was messed up early on but I haven’t given up. Lighting, nutrients, ph, temp, humidity are fine. The lighting on this one plant is a SunBlaze HO 5500K unit with a sidelight as well. Should I keep plugging along on this plant or pull it? This plant was an accident and I never thought it would germ but did and I don’t like to lose! Please advise and thanks in advance!

I have used an aerogarden before to start plants.
I had to completely block out light from the empty spots.
The light gets in there and algae love it

Sorry! Here are pics of that plant.

image Uploading: 7E580522-404E-42D8-BAF2-1C66782BA461.jpeg… Uploading: DCC87644-D003-44BD-9CC2-174B75B2134D.gif… Uploading: 862586E2-E47B-41A7-AB22-66E3DB564730.jpeg… Uploading: 1E163341-CD57-49FC-951B-1429A99B1EF1.jpeg…