Idea to keep temp low

I currently have x2 SF4000 running and with the current summer climate the temp is always at a steady 32celcius, I have the extractor on full second speed, intake always on and an ac unit running as long as the lights are on, any idea I can try to implicate to keep the temp around 26-28

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Where is your intake air coming from?

A/C always on, is that an AC unit in tent or your home?

Intake is coming from outside and the a/c is just for the tent

moving air, or conditioned air. Its best if temp outside tent is lower, that way intake air has cooling effect(negative pressure a must.

As for the ac, no matter what anyone tells you yiu have to duct the heat off you ac to the outside. Its simple physics, you can’t cool your ac condenser with the same air you are conditioning without venting heat.

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Outside the house or tent? Need specifics.

Looks like you have all your bases covered. One thing I see you can do is move those drivers outside of your tent. That should get you where you want.


Are you exhausting the AC into the room the intake is pulling air from?
If so, i would change that. Start exhausting the hot air from the AC to outside the house.
What i did was exhaust tent AND ac outside the window, and instead of the AC being in the tent, i cool down the air in the room that my intakes are pulling from.
The entire room the tent is in has negative pressure to keep fresh air being pulled into the room so i dont have stale air just recirculating.

So the intake air is coming from outside the house, however it is even hotter out so I switched it off. The out take I lowered from speed 2 to speed 1, directly exhausting the a/c through the included window fitment hence it goes straight outside and finally which in my opinion did the most effect is I lowered the light from 100% to 60% and the temp is now 27 celcius. Perfect!